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How to Live with Uncertainty in Corona Virus Times

Some of the ideas in this article are new, some are in my first book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland,” and others are from my new book, “More Precious Than Gold.” I’m hoping my new book will be out September 2020 – God willing.


I looked up the word corona and found it means crown. The TIME newsletter – an online coronavirus brief – helped me grasp a bit more about the name of this microscopic monster that has invaded our planet. It said the scientists who came up with the term coronavirus in 1968 thought that, under a microscope, the virus resembled a solar corona: the bright crown-like ring of gasses surrounding the sun that is visible during a solar eclipse.

That’s cool. But let’s be realistic. We don’t need a science lesson right now with people out of work, others sick in the hospital, and our doctors, nurses, and government officials on the front line working hard to keep us healthy and informed. Yet, what can you do to manage your fear, money, employment issues, family, friends, and countless other things until you can get back to some normalcy?

In a very difficult time in my life I developed several insightful action steps that I’d like to share with you. When we engage in some action to help ourselves by doing what we can – what we have control over, that always gives us peace of mind. Like I said, I know these things work. I discovered and relied on them when I was going through what is called a modern-day Job experience (Job, an Old Testament fellow from the Bible who lost everything – yeah, everything!). In other words, they helped me when I lost family, friends, all my assets, and was dealing with breast cancer all at the same time. I am reminded often that God still had His hand on my life when I lost everything except myself: The bottom did not fall out of my life. I’m still here. So, I’m sharing these action steps with you – to help you better cope with this time in your life.

Here are three (3) powerful actions steps you can take to ease your stress and uncertainty at this time.

 Action #1: Change Your Perspective

Could there be a silver lining to this time we are all spending at home?

Here’s the hope-filled message that is meant for you today: There’s a blessing in everything – a gift that God sends to you in your situation. Friend, this time in your life is a gift. Did you know that? God has provided this time for you to use in a very special way: spend more time with your family, write a book, brush up on your sewing skills, find another job, reach out to friends, family, and neighbors or people who you haven’t talked to in years. Perhaps there’s a special project you’ve had to set aside. Well, now’s the time to work on that. There are other things you can do too like spend more time with God or take some walks in the great outdoors. Walking may be the greatest thing you can do for your mental and physical health which is so very important at this time.

It’s true! I have the official word on this from our creator. This time in your life will make you into a different person than you were before. Perhaps you’ll appreciate the small things you took for granted before or maybe you’ll find through all of this you’ve developed more compassion for others. Then again, now maybe you’ll want to make walking an important part of your weekly routine. And along with all this, hunkering down has also opened a wide door of opportunity for you to do whatever it is that makes you more joyful. I know, too, that many folks will begin to reflect on how they are living their lives. Some may even want to rearrange their priorities as a result of everything they’ve been through. So here’s my question to you: Do you feel that God is trying to get your attention in some way through these unusual set of circumstances? If so, what is the message He is trying to share with you?

This time is a gift. Appreciate this time. Use it wisely. If you don’t know what the gift is this experience is bringing you, just keep going on the path that you’re on. It may not be obvious. But look for it: You’ll find it!

 Action #2: Change Your Words

In light of all the difficulties this time is bringing us, how do you manage your fears, anxiety, and uncertainty in a way that gives you hope and encourages you and your family members? At this point in time, we will never know why this is happening or why God has caused these events to show up on our watch in the year 2020. It’s here, so what can you do?

Many are calling this a pandemic, which it is. Yes, it’s an unprecedented time in history when a disease is occurring at the same time all over the world. There have been many other pandemics and the last one in the United States was in 1918. But besides calling it a pandemic, many officials, newscasters, and medical folks are also calling this a crisis. How are you labeling this time in your life? However you label something is how you will response to it. Have you considered calling it a challenge, an interesting time, staying home on the ranch, back to the basics, or saying God’s got this? When you label something in the most positive way possible, you won’t panic and you will be able to make better, more well-informed decisions for yourself and your family. Your own words will help you stay calm and you will be more reassuring when talking to your aging parents, children, other family members, and co-workers. In addition, what you say to yourself, your self-talk, will help you manage your days in a much more positive way. Your own words can keep you focused on what’s important at this time. Your own words can give you and others around you strength and even a little humor can make this journey much more enjoyable. The words you speak are so important.

Let your words lift others and yourself. Let your words encourage those you work with and those you love. Everyone needs encourage no matter if you’re the CEO of a large hospital, the cashier at the grocery store, a doctor, a college student, or pastor of a church. Everyone needs encouragement especially at this time. Use your words to bless others, you’ll be blessed too!

Action #3: Manage Your Fears 

Fear is Powerful, Faith is the Anecdote.

Fear is not from God. No. God never intended for us to live in fear. He intended for us to trust Him in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. And did you know that fear was Adam’s first response after eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden? Fear will keep you from doing what you want to do. It will hold you prisoner in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Fear can be downright crippling. That’s why it’s so very important to manage your fear so it doesn’t get a grip on you. If you have children, they will be watching you. So how you manage your emotions will be very important. They will model what you do and how you respond.

One of the most important things you can do in advance is to decide how you will respond to this challenge. You do have a choice. If you accept what is happening then you can decide that you are going to make the best of it – no matter what. You can also help someone else in the midst of this. That will get your mind off yourself – and you’ll feel good about how you’ve pitched in to make things better.

Pastor Max Lucado wrote a great book titled “Imagine Your Life Without Fear.” The description of the book (part of it) starts out like this:

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They’re talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, …

Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Oversized and rude, fear herds us into a prison and slams the doors. Wouldn’t it be great to walk out?

… Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? …

I have this wonderful quote that prints out at the bottom of each e-mail message I send. The quote is from holocaust survivor Corrie ten boom. “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.” So friend, stay parked in today and do what you can for your situation right now. The Message Bible explains it all so well:

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

Great Resources:

  • Visit financial guru Dave Ramsey’s website for advice: money, work, savings etc.
  • Call Cleveland’s United Way First Call for Help. Just dial 4-1-1.
  • Does your church have an emergency fund to help others?  Ask!
  • Read Pastor Max Lucado’s book, “You’ll Get Through This.” It will encourage you.
  • Read the Bible! It has 366 scriptures for each faith and fear to help you. Dig in!
  • Pray!


Don’t panic. I’m with you.
There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.
I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you.

I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I’m not letting go.

(Isaiah 41:10, 13 ~ The Message Bible)


God Bless You!


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I Made Some Changes


I gave the back cover copy for my new book another whirl. See what you think.

More Precious Than Gold

Have you ever thought that perhaps God wants to do a greater work in your heart instead of just fixing your problems? Or have you ever wanted to know God in a more meaningful way? “More Precious Than Gold” is Nanci’s new devotional book. Thirty-one essays make up this unique collection. Each one shares God’s heart for you including messages on: Happy Habits, Perfect Love, The 5 Love Languages, Gratitude, Things Happen for You, Mental Tenacity ~ Strong-Minded Faith, Waiting, Wholeness ▪ Healing, Find the Gift, Purpose, Get Wisdom, The Green Bean Club and more.

The four sections of the book share things everyone needs – strength and encouragement along with wisdom for your well-being and personal growth. It’s simple. Open your heart through reading, writing, and meditating. Then, tune out the noise of our culture and the expectations of others to reflect (consider, think about, or ponder) the goodness already present in your life. Learn how the kind of reflection – self-reflection – that the book shares (plus other information in the Spiritual Growth section) can help you have more peace and a lot more joy. In fact, that’s the way God intended for us to live.

So, dear friend, through the pages of the book, come and spend time with the most trustworthy friend of all — God. You’ll not only learn about Him, but you’ll find He’s a God who loves you and longs for you to draw near to Him.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8a – English Standard Version

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!





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I Made a Decision ~ Book News


I thought about this for only a minute. Okay. My new book will be done soon — before the end of the year. But I think it would get lost in all the hoopla of the holidays if I released it in December. So, my new book “More Precious Than Gold” will be released in early 2020. That way everyone will be able to appreciate all the information contained with in it’s 200 pages and there won’t be any competition from all the advertising and shopping that is done during the holiday season.

The book is 8″ X 10″ in size and contains 31 essays all with the goal of bringing you closer to a God who loves you and longs for you to draw near to Him. There are some interesting facts too in the book where you’ll learn a bit more about our culture. There’s quite a lot packed into the text. Therefore, you don’t want to miss this special book.

In the introduction of the book I take you on a Book Tour. There I encourage each reader to use a journal as you spend time reading it. You don’t have to buy a journal.  In fact, my first journal was 15 pages or so of lined notebook paper tied with a pretty ribbon. Use what you have at home and make one! Get creative!  There are also places within the book where you can journal and spill out your heart as well.

And finally friends, let me encourage you today. If you have been praying and asking God for important things that you need — a job, a wife/husband, a car, a way to afford a college education, friends, more money to help feed your children — keep on praising God. God is working right now even though you cannot see what He is doing. For while you wait, God works!

Make it a great weekend! We’ll chat again!

God Bless You!




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Did You Know ~ I’ve written my 2nd book?

Hi Friends!

Hope you are keeping cool in this hot, muggy weather.

Yes, it’s true. My second book will hopefully be out this fall. It’s way different than my first book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland.” This time I’ve written a cool devotional book.  Below is the back cover copy which will tell you a lot more about the book.

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless you!



▪ New Back Cover Copy ▪

Nanci’s Devotional Book

 More Precious Than Gold

Words of Strength, Encouragement, and Wisdom

In this busy and chaotic world a loving and trustworthy friend is calling you. You may have forgotten Him. But He hasn’t forgotten you. Now is the time, friend, to learn about God and experience Him in a real and authentic way.

“More Precious Than Gold” is Nanci’s new devotional book. It’s a unique collection of 31 essays sharing God’s heart (His perspective) on everyday issues that we all deal with including messages on: Happy Habits, Perfect Love, The 5 Love Languages, Gratitude, Mentality Tenacity ~ Strong-Minded Faith, Waiting, Wholeness ▪ Healing, Find the Gift, Take a Drink of Great Happiness,  Things Happen for You, Get Wisdom, Purpose, The Green Bean Club + more.

It’s simple. Nourish your soul through reading, writing, meditating on scripture, and praying. Then, take a few minutes to tune out the noise of our culture and the expectations of others to reflect [consider, think about, or ponder] the goodness already present in your life: Learn to let go of all the rest. Maybe you remember? It was 1964. The Beatles were new here on the scene. And you? You talked with your Aunt Mary on her back porch. She listened. That kept the blues away and there was no need for counseling or medication. Today, everything is different and the hurried-pace of life creates stress that drains us all. That’s why you need the kind of reflection, self-reflection, that the book shares. It can help you live smarter and with a whole lot more joy.

So, dear friend, through the pages of the book, come and spend time with the most trustworthy friend of allGod. You’ll not only learn about Him, but you’ll find He’s a God who loves you and longs for you to draw near to Him.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8a – English Standard Version





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News on Nanci’s New Book, “More Precious Than Gold”


Just wanted to share that my new devotional book is expected to be released is fall. The title of the book is “More Precious Than Gold.” The subtitle is “Words of Strength, Encouragement, and Wisdom. It’s totally different than my first book. I may use this blog (put in some new furnishings) or get a new one.

Make it a great day!
God bless you!

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News to Share


The something I have to share is the new back cover copy for my new book, “Take a Seat  on this Park Bench.” Still much to do on the book. It will probably be ready this May — I’m hoping! The text is below.

Make it a great weekend!

God Bless You!



Hanging out with friends, that’s cool. Yet in this busy and chaotic world another much more trusted friend is calling you. You may have forgotten Him. But He has not forgotten you. Now is the time friend to learn about God and experience Him in a real and authentic way.

Have you ever wanted to have just a few quality minutes to sit by yourself and reflect on your day or things that you’re passionate about? Well, here’s a way to get your wish and more. Nanci’s new book Take a Seat on This Park Bench is a unique devotional book which shares a collection of essays. The book is divided into four different sections sharing messages of strength, encouragement, well-being, and personal development. Devotional pages for reflection appear after each essay and in the back of the book. They provide you with ways to nourish your soul through reading, writing, meditating on scripture, and praying. Through the pages of the book, hang out with this trustworthy friend — God. You’ll not only learn about Him, but you’ll find He’s a God who loves you and longs for you to draw near to Him.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8a – English Standard Version (ESV)


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A Little More About My Devotional Book: Take A Seat On This Park Bench

Hi! Happy Tuesday to You! Thanks for coming by today!

Today I’m sharing what you’ll see on the back cover of my new book. It will give you an idea what the book’s about.

Back Cover Copy

 Take a Seat on This Park Bench: Essays for Strength, Encouragement, and Healthy Living with Devotional Pages to Help You Grow Closer to God

One night I heard a Christian psychiatrist being interviewed on TV. He was asked if more people today are depressed and go for counseling than say 40 – 50 years ago. Without blinking an eye the doctor answered “yes” to both parts of the question. He went on to say that one of the reasons for the depression and the increased need for counseling was that we no longer take time to reflect on our lives. The word reflect grabbed my attention. As a result, I was inspired to combine contemporary informative topics into a new book that also presents spiritual truths to help you grow closer to God.

In Take a Seat on This Park Bench you’ll be encouraged to explore your faith through a series of essays and descriptive devotionals. Each devotional is written just as if you were sitting on a park bench. I chose a park bench because the outdoors and a bench are great places to relax and enjoy God’s creations. They’re also fabulous places to get away from the busyness of life and reflect on the goodness of God in your life.  Here you can listen closely for God’s voice. Why? That’s because only God has the answers that you need.

Take a Seat on This Park Bench and you’ll be refreshed mentally and spiritually while you sit, read, and reflect. And without a doubt you’ll learn more about God’s character and His great love for you. Each essay and devotional share messages of strength, encouragement, and healthy living ideas. Take a Seat on This Park Bench and gain some new perspectives for your life from these and other essays including:

Things Happen For You, Waiting, Mental Tenacity, Even in the Storm, On Your Knees, Gratitude, Take a Drink of Great Happiness, Right Thinking, Wholeness ▪ Healing, Happy Habits, It’s What’s in Your Heart, Get Wisdom, Kindness, On Love and the Five Love Languages, Purpose, The Green Bean Club, and more!

̶ Nanci J. Gravill

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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