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After the illustrations, preface, acknowledgements, author’s note, and disclaimers — you’ll find the “contents section” from my book. I’ve provided it below. The Contents section lists the many, many resources I’ve shared in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland: Resources to Help You Navigate through Unsettled Times. I’ve also listed the ~Workspace pages too where you can record more information. There are 23 ~Workspace pages in my book. On these pages I’ve given you directives so you use them in the best way possible for your life. Of course, you can use those pages in any way you’d like — brainstorming or writing notes for yourself.

I gathered these resources during five to six very difficult years of my life which started with a diagnosis of breast cancer in November 2003. During the next couple of years I lost everything. I never returned to a full-time position but instead wrote Fresh Hope … Cleveland to help you.

Where did I get all these resources? I spoke with a lot of people that I met at this time fo my life. Each gave me information and help in their own way. Not knowing where I would find help, I tried everything they shared. I also made endless phone calls and searched the Internet in order to find additional information. These resources helped me to thrive during those difficult years. If I made it through with God’s help, then you WILL make it through too — with His help. God Bless You ~ Nanci

Contents ~ Fresh Hope … Cleveland 

Part 1 Creative Living Ideas

General Shopping Information/Financial Boundaries

Services in the Community


Business/ Budgeting

Car Insurance Options

Dental Services

Eating Out

Employment Information / Career Seminars

Food / Food Storage

Food Shopping / Food Stamp Program

Give, Receive, or Barter

At Home

Health Club Membership

Home Heating Assistance Program (HEAP)

Medical Information


~Workspace: Medical Inventory

~Workspace: Medical ~ Symptoms

Mortgage Information

Social Service Agencies

Local Social Service Agencies and Community Supports

Tax Services & Credit / FICO Report Information

Wardrobe / Shopping

~Workspace: Spend Less ▪ Enjoy More

Affordable Entertainment Guide

▪ General Information

▪ arts

▪ exploration

▪ festivals

▪ recreation

▪ tours

▪ just for kids

~Workspace: Events to Enjoy

~Workspace: Free Time ▪ Balanced Living

Part 2 Soothing the Soul: Tips for Emotional Well-being

Happy, Healthy, and Whole

— It’s All in Your State of Mind

–Every Body Needs

–Let Your Spirit Rise

~Workspace: Emotions and Behavior

~Workspace: Words Are Powerful

Part 3 More Fresh Hope Resources


Prayer and Counseling

~Workspace: Pray ▪ It Unleashes God’s Power

~Workspace: God Answers Prayer

Emergency Hotline Numbers & Websites

~Workspace: Medical Advice to Follow

~Workspace: Decide to Be a Blessing

For Those Touched by Cancer and / or Disability

Two Are Better Than One: How to Accept Help When You Need It

~Workspace: Healing

~Workspace: Bye, Bye Overwhelmed ~ Tips to Help You

Classes For You!

Classes and Seminars to Help You and Your Family

~Workspace: Embrace Healthy Emotions and Relationships

~Workspace: Enjoy Today ▪ It’s a Gift

~Workspace: For You and Your Family

Internet Safety

~Workspace: Human Contact ▪ Nothing Like It


~Workspace: Read. Fill Your Heart and Mind with Great Things

Facing Challenges

~ Workspace: What Are You Thinking?

~Workspace: It’s All About Your Blessings and Feeling Grateful

~Workspace: Goals and Dreams

Part 4 Something More


~Workspace: The Day Christ Came into Your Heart

Divine Recipe for Living

Last Thoughts

Part 5 Appendices

Appendix A: 50-Plus Shopper Perks & AAA Discounts

Appendix B: Beauty / Grooming

Appendix C: Contacts for Job Search Groups

Appendix D: Bakery Outlets

Appendix E: Two Are Better Than One

Appendix F: Church Addresses

Appendix G: Hospitals of Northeastern Ohio




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