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The Best Question Ever ~ Living on the Edge!

~ More good stuff in keeping the new ideas inside Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland

[Description from Multnomah Publishers, Inc.]

We’ve all done dumb stuff in our lives. We all have regrets. Yet none of us plans to mess up our lives. Why, then, does it keep happening?

Life doesn’t have to be that way. You can fool-proof your life…as this book shows.
In The Best Question Ever, Andy Stanley effectively teaches the practical and lasting value of simply asking this question about our actions in all of life’s arenas: What is the wise thing for me to do, in light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams?

This video (book) probes for honesty —it pushes us to open our eyes to reality and helps us expose the little (and big) self-deceptions we have.

Prepare yourself.

You are about to be introduced to a single question that will revolutionize the way you make decisions.

Over the past twenty years, speaker and author Andy Stanley has shared the power of this question with thousands of students and adults all over the country. In this ground-breaking new book, Andy provides you with a filter through which to evaluate every decision in every arena of your life. As you are about to discover, the Best Question Ever will bring clarity to decisions involving your finances, your love life, your schedule, even your career.

People everywhere agree that their greatest regret could have been avoided had they asked the Best Question Ever and then acted on their conclusions. A time-tested truth that has immediate application, the Best Question Ever has the power to change the trajectory of your entire life.

You’ll love this video series by Andy Stanley. Paste the LINK (below) into your browser and LISTEN ~ this is just part of the series!

The Best Question Ever: Living on the Edge


God Bless You!


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