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Front DOOR Photos ~ for Nanci’s Book

~ More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Yesterday’s post was ALL ABOUT DOORS.  This is a continuation of that post ~ with a bit of a twist!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I need just the right photo of a FRONT DOOR for a section in my book. Can You Help? If so, I’d love to see your front DOOR or SOMEONE ELSE’S in your neighborhood. Read on …..

PLEASE SEND:  Your photos of interesting and inviting-looking FRONT DOORS.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If I use your photo, I would need permission from you in writing. If it’s not your front door, then I would need the home owner’s name and phone number /e-mail address so I could obtain their permission.

Thank you so much!

Like the butler in Joseph’s dream ~ may you always have someone that opens all the right DOORS for you every day!

God Bless You!


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All About DOORS

~More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Today DOORS are the subject of this blog post. Please see all the details on tomorrow’s post because  I Need Your Help to Finish My Book. Thank you!


What Do DOORS Symbolize?

DOORS are symbolic of beginnings and endings. For example, you walk through a new DOOR when you start a new job or a new relationship. And when you leave your old house you shut the DOOR behind you for the last time and take with you all your belongings and hopefully good memories as well.


Open and Closed DOORS

DOORS have this special way of keeping us on the path that is uniquely meant for us. When DOORS open for us we walk toward something new and step into something that is divinely chosen by God. On the other hand, some DOORS never open at all. Closed DOORS can be heartbreaking and that’s only because we don’t know the road that’s ahead. I sometimes watch American Idol and see contestants devastated in one quick instant – singing is just not their talent. DOORS stay closed for a very good reason; there is something much more magnificent right up ahead. You may already understanding that, closed DOORS are truly God’s blessing in disguise.


DOORS ~ Practically Speaking

In our homes DOORS keep us safe and protected ~ they indicate this is my property and within these walls is the place I call home. DOORS also keep out the cold, the rain, and the bugs ~ hurray!

Do You Have an Interesting Front DOOR?  Then, I’d like to know! See tomorrow’s post for more details on how you and your door can be in the spot light.


Thank you so much!

May all the right DOORS open for you today!

God Bless You!


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Blog’s 1-Year Anniversary

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

happy … happy … happy anniversary ~ Fresh Hope … Cleveland Blog!



It was one year ago today that I began this blog. It’s been a cool journey. To date there are now a total of 59 posts full of lots of great information for Clevelanders and others about my new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Special Thanks:

I appreciate the loyalty so many of you have showed by reading, subscribing, and leaving great comments on my blog.  Thank you so much!


Next Week:

You can participate in helping to finish my book. Make sure you come right back here next Tuesday when I share all the details. It will be an interesting post. Don’t miss it!


Right Now: 

I’m going to have some cake, dance a little jig, and then put up my feet in celebration of Fresh Hope … Cleveland Blog’s first anniversary!

God Bless You!



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FREE Women’s Healthy Heart Event

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


NOTE: Fresh Hope … Cleveland is full of resources to help you ~ here’s news about a very special and informative event this Sunday to keep the women of Cleveland fit and healthy.  Please read the information below; reservations are required.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. In fact, my new women’s health physician mentioned the other day that I should be aware and concerned about heart disease. I think she was saying I should know more. And I should. So should you!

I came across a great program for women which promises to help educate all of us. Like me, you may be interested in learning more about heart disease and how you can prevent that from being a concern for you and your family.



On Sunday, February 20, Marymount Hospital along with the Cleveland Clinic Independence Family Health Center is hosting a FREE fun and informative afternoon program for women. A physician led-panel discussion with Caroline Casserly, Cardiologist; Pragna Pater, OB/GYN; and Tanya Edwards, Family Medicine Practitioner, will discuss heart disease and women’s health.

The event will start at noon and go through 3 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 6001 Rockside Road, Independence. Learn more and enjoy light refreshments, health screenings, beauty and wellness displays, raffles, and more.

NOTE: Reservations are required; call 216-8138 (thanks to the North Royalton Recorder).

I’ll share more with you this Thursday, the one-year anniversary of my Fresh Hope … Cleveland Blog.

 Have a great week!

God Bless You!


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Valentine’s Day Year Round

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you have a valentine to spoil with goodies and gifts this year that’s wonderful. But even if you don’t, did you know you could celebrate Valentine’s Day all year round? Valentine’s Day year round ~ you’re kidding right? This is so simple but it’s oh so true. Mother Theresa said it best: For God does not require that we do great things but rather that we do little things with great love. That means whenever possible you can do little acts of love and kindness all year round for someone else. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show someone you care.

For Valentine’s Day and every other day you can give chocolate, cards, flowers, and gifts. But these to me are the very best gifts ~ hugs, phone calls (not text or Facebook messages), dinner someone made you, a hand knitted scarf, a clean house, clean sheets on my bed, fresh baked muffins, hot cocoa served in a lovely China tea cup, a handwritten note, or handmade cards complete with photos! These are things you can do to love-on others all the year through!

In keeping with those valentine thoughts, this is one of my very favorite things to remember:

Always leave people better off than when you found them ~ Mother Theresa.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

God Bless You!


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Feel Your Best ~ Do Your Best

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

My book Fresh Hope … Cleveland has a section in it that focuses on your physical well-being. It works like this: Taking care of yourself helps you feel your best so you can do your best.

As we mature most of us lose flexibility and muscle tone. You know the saying ~ you lose it if you don’t use it. Some people may even lose muscle mass. Exercise is the friend that can revitalize you, help you deal with stress, and give you more energy. If you take care of your body you’ll feel better and have fewer medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure just to name a few.

We just moved past the middle of winter and even when the weather’s bad ~ you can still exercise. Here’s a creative idea for you to stay healthy and feel your best even in February!

I hope you enjoy the video ~ I’ll post something else on Thursday or Friday as well.

Clevelanders ~ Stay Warm!

God Bless You!

Sorry ~ I somehow could not embed the video. Still, you can paste the link below into your browser. The video is about 14 minutes long. 

Video Link: Let’s Get Walking!

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Is the Book Done Yet?

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

This post is for all those individuals who are wondering when my book will be finished and ready for purchase. I can never really be sure but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can tell you I have indeed earned another college degree in the process of writing this! Mostly that’s because I don’t have a publisher — yet! And also with anything you do the first time, like this my first book, it will no doubt take longer due to inexperience! My next book will go much faster and it will be a different type of book where a lot of research isn’t required. Thanks for hangin’ in there with me as I come to the finish line! Thanks also to everyone who has helped me on this journey.

Fresh Hope … Cleveland is a very unique book
And because it’s a book to help many people, we had to research things and call places for verification of services, look at web sites, and check for copyrighted materials. My staff and I are working diligently to meet our deadlines and get the book off to the printer by late March or early April.

More Details: Current Projects
Right now we are working hard on all the 55 illustrations using Photoshop. I am finishing up a few last things on the text so we can send it off to the eight individuals we identified to possibly write the foreword or at least write a short review. I am also working on getting print bids, looking for a new assistant, and graphic designer is working on a companion bookmark my assistant and I designed. I have a new communications manager and he is working on a variety of projects.

Come Spring into Summer
As indicated above, I hope we will be ready to send the book to the printer late March or early April ~ The printer needs two (2) months so I would imagine our kickoff party and book signing will be around Father’s Day in June or a little earlier if possible — very fitting as this book is from God to help others. But remember this, anyone could use the resources in the book for any reason, at any time!

I’ll share more information with you on my blog as things progress.

Clevelanders ~ STAY WARM TODAY!

God Bless You!

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