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This is No Ordinary Day!

~More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland”

Even though the skies are gray today here in Cleveland and we are all waiting for spring, this is no ordinary day. It’s fulled with opportunities, connections with others, and the possibility that it can be a great day! 

What are you looking for today? What are you hoping to find?  Two little words can make the difference in you achieving your goals or letting things pass you by.  I love these words. I learned their importance 30 years ago and they still bring me up higher every day when I say them. It’s so simply. Just say, “I can!”  That means whatever your challenges are today, however dark the circumstances may look, just say, “I can do this today. God, with your help I can do what you have called me to do today.”  And as you get in the habit of responding to your challenges with those kind of positive words, you will grow stronger and accomplish more than you ever would have thought! Those words will put you in another realm! They will! They have POWER! And they will guide you down a path where they will converge with more new opportunities and they will catapult you into your future every day! Isn’t that exciting! Think of it, just those two little words have the ability to make your life better, fuller, and beyond what you could imagine!

As a writer I know words have great power. In my new book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland: Resources to Help You Navigate Through Unsettled Times,” I share this valuable concept. Words have power because one response can take you to the left, the other to the right.  They will create situations for you — or not!  Think about this, did you ever know of anyone who became successful by saying things like, “I could never do that!” or “I can’t! I just can’t!?” The Olympians we are now seeing at the Winter Olympics in Canada would never have qualified for a spot on their team had they used the words “I can’t!” I am sure they have struggled with injury, discouragement, and poor technique. However, they rose above those obstacles somehow. And I’m sure a positive attitude and positive self-talk (the words we say to ourselves) helped them achieve their dreams and made them a winner — made them a success!

Today you may not be facing something  as full of promise as an Olympic medal; it may not be the day you’ve hoped for, still, grab hands with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Tell Jesus, “With your help I CAN!” And even if you never learn to ski or win an Olympic medal, you’re always a winner in God’s eyes. But without a doubt, you’ll experience more of the abundant life that Christ came to give you if you say those two little words, “I can!”

God Bless You!


NOTE: A sneak preview of my book “Fresh Hope … Cleveland” will be available in the next few weeks through Easter. Early release of the book will give help and hope to those who need it right now. I’ll let you know the date the sneak preview very soon!  Have a great week!

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The Fresh Hope Journey

~More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland”

I went to church this past weekend. Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love spoke via video about having faith. He said he realized there was nothing in his life that he had to trust God for. Then he decided to go into downtown LA and he began to share his faith in Christ. Getting out of the boat like that caused him to rely on God — and challenged his faith.

For me, I exercise my faith for everything and that has caused me to see and know, what a dynamic and awesome God we serve. I think it’s a good thing I need to trust God for everything! I trust Him for my direction in life and that my efforts with the book will bring help to others, help me be a better writer, and to know God more fully. Writing “Fresh Hope …. Cleveland”   revealed God’s purpose for my life. And let’s face it, having a purpose makes life fantastic. Purpose feels like eating a hot fudge sundae on a hot summer day – refreshing, fulfilling, and satisfying!

Tomorrow will be a year since I started on this path. I was just looking for a project so I could use my writing skills. I wanted to do something that I enjoyed. The new assistant that came on February 17 last year told me I needed to market what I was writing. Yes, I thought there was a lot of good information here too. It only took me a second to know this was the job I’d been praying for. And what I found has been more than I could ever have anticipated! I’ve been learning a lot! I conducted a focus group study last summer, learned how to write a book proposal, interviewed people to work with me, and dealt with my editor and the publisher’s editor. Now I’m learning about press kits, book signing, web sites, and agents — and about perservance and patience! Patience because it takes patience to be successful.  Besides all that, I’ve seen God provide food, rent, and money to keep this project going. And now a year later, I’m seeing God do more than I could even imagine. This is indeed an adventure which reveals more of God every day! I am out of the boat every day too– every minute – trusting  Him. It’s really something walking on water! You should come out here too!

I’ll meet you here next Tuesday or before if you would like to leave me a comment. Have an awesome week and I encourage you to get out of the boat! It’s exciting and fulfulling because you never know what God can do — until you trust Him!

God Bless You!

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~More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland”

I think this is quite an exciting day! I  finally got a blog! This will be a great place for me and my book to hang out and share lots of interesting things with you!

Now I’ll be able to share more with you about my new book, “Fresh Hope … Cleveland.”  I told someone today in the grocery store that is my most challenging job thus far. It’s a good kind of challenging though. It’s the most challenging job because writing a book and becoming an author uses all the skills I gathered over a lifetime of experiences– including my education. It also s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s  me in so many ways. I’m learning about social networking — LinkedIn, Blogs, Web sites, — and I learned how to write a book proposal for a publisher and how to market my book with the help of my marketing expert. I learn new things every day! As my mom would say, that’s marvelous! And it is! But besides all of that, working from home is very, very challenging. It’s not that the refrigerator calls me — it’s just that now I’m a one-man team — I’m the boss! I do it all and call all the shots! I also have to create boundaries like turning off the computer and getting out of my office by 6 pm. And sometimes that’s tough — cause at home you can work as little or as much as you want to! And because I’m a very social being, I also have to make sure that I get some of my social needs met. I can’t just sit home and write! Oh, life in the suburbs is grand!

I’ll tell you  next week how you can purchase a sneak peak of my book by buying a pdf file. I’ll explain what a pdf file is too if you’re not sure.

And if by the title of my book you are thinking “Fresh Hope … Cleveland” is just for my city –Cleveland, that’s not really true. The creative ideas and information in the book can guide anyone though their challenges. And if you don’t have many challenges, you’ll still find some great ideas that will help make your life even better. I’m committed to help others with what I learned during five very difficult years of my life. After all, why did I go through everything I experienced? Always my response was, “I’ll be able to help someone else.” So God kind of appointed me the trailblazer — I went ahead of the wagon — scouted the paths and made the beef stew! So I know I can help you and others if they need it. The thing is with the economy, people need help and they need it right now. And that’s why my book is so great. It offers help and hope — practical ideas for right now — TODAY. It’s endorsed by a psychologist, pastor/clinical social worker, and by participants of a focus group who used the information for their lives.

I’ll tell you more next Tuesday — let’s be Tuesday people. Next post I’ll share a little bit about how I came to write this book. The journey started a year ago and has been awesome! God Bless You! Happy Valentines’s Day too! Nanci

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