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How to treat somebody with a disability

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I experienced something first hand right after my birthday last week. I have shoulder damage from breast cancer surgery nine years ago. I do have to be careful of my shoulder and can’t lift all that much. Besides all that, I’m very intelligent, motivated, able to walk, jump, swim, drive etc. I can do all kinds of things ~ thankfully I have arms. Some people don’t.

Here’s what I want you to know. Individuals that has some sort of handicap do not repeat Do Not want to be treated as if they aren’t capable. That’s a good way to undermine someone’s self-confidence. It’s also a good way to lose a friend. My thought have always been, regardless of their abilities, I don’t see a thing wrong with anyone and you shouldn’t either! An accident, surgery complications, or illness could happen to any of us specially as we get older. Each person needs to be treated with respect and dignity. It’s always the people that have challenges that teach each one of us something about living and persevering. Someone with a disability has more courage than anyone else. If you don’t take the time to treat them well, it’s because something’s incredibly wrong with you – not them!

Here’s some advice when dealing with someone that might need your help.

Ask Them This

Which teminology they prefer you use: “handicapped” (I doubt it), “physically challenged”, or any other expression that they prefer. The correct terminology might be to not even label them. God sees them as perfect, you should too!

On Offering Assistance

(From paralyzed veterans) Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean that they require help – they want to be treated as independent people, too. If they do ask for help, ask how before you act. If you don’t wait for instructions, you may end up hurting more than helping. Most importantly, treat wheelchair users however you’d like to be treated ~ and just be yourself!

Unseen Handicaps

Many people are handicapped in ways that can’t be seen. They’re handicapped with bad attitdues, bitter hearts, jeolous thoughts, anger, self-pity, insensitivity, and self-centeredness. These types of personality traits keep people from experiencing God’s best. Don’t let them hold you back from all that God has for you.

God Bless You!


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