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Looking for the Light: Good Health


Last night I heard a very healthy message at my favorite grocery store, Heinen’s. Jordan Rubin spoke and promoted his new line of products, Get Real Nutrition.

Jordan Rubin is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and certified nutrition consultant. At 41 years of age Rubin is regarded by many as the most respected and beloved natural health expert in America. His personal account of his battle and triumph over Crohn’s disease has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told. He’s a successful entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, international motivational speaker and television personality (TCT). And …. I might add, he’s also an organic farmer with lots of rolling acres in southern Missouri and papa to six kids of which five are adopted. As a follower of Christ his message of health and wellness is one of HOPE.

Jordan will be at Heinen’s downtown Cleveland location today; 900 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115. Call for a reservation as seating is limited ~ (216) 302-3020.


Make it a great day today!

God Bless You!



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Brown Rice + Veggies with Ginger Sauce: Headaches

~ More great resources just like in Nanci’s book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

When the weather changes in the spring and in the fall, many people suffer sinus headaches and sometimes they can turn into migraines.

Do you know the difference between a migraine and a sinus headache? Below are a few tips to help you. On occasion I get some of these myself so I know firsthand of which I speak. I’m also passing along a great remedy my doctor shared with me just recently. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!



Migraine or Bad Headache?

How can you tell the difference between a bad headache and a migraine? Typical migraine symptoms include:

  • Pain on one side of your head
  • Pain that is throbbing or pulsing
  • Nausea, vomiting, or upset stomach
  • Increased sensitivity to light or noise

6 Ways to Help Manage Migraines

In addition to pharmaceutical treatments, the following self-care techniques may help prevent attacks:

  1. Keep a headache diary to help you pinpoint factors that may trigger your headaches. Some common triggers include beer, wine, smoked meats and cheeses, pickled foods, MSG, chocolate, loud noises, and bright light.
  2. Avoid your triggers once you know them.
  3. Stick to a healthy diet that is low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates.
  4. Eat at regular intervals throughout the day to prevent low blood sugar.
  5. Engage in gentle exercises such as yoga, tai chi, chi-gone, or slow swimming.
  6. Maintain regular sleep patterns.


Is it a Sinus Headache? Sinus headaches typically are headaches with a deep and constant pain in the cheekbones, forehead, or bridge of the nose. This pain usually intensifies with sudden head movement or straining and is usually accompanied by symptoms such as fever, runny nose, and clogged ears.  Some of us feel the pressure over our forehead when the weather changes. The changes in weather alone can be a signal to those that regularly experience headaches.

Sinus headaches can sometimes go into a migraine. So, whatever type of headache you experience,  if you didn’t take any medication at the on-set of the headache, try this remedy to feel better:

Headache Cure

Combine the following items below and remember to eat and stay well hydrated. Not eating along with being dehydrated can provide the fuel to keep your headache going.

Recipe for Headache Relief!

Cold Compresses + Drink Water + Acetaminophen (or Tylenol) + Rest ~ in some cases if you have nausea medication, take that as well and eat something! Your headache should resolve within 6 – 9 hours if you rest!

Nature Migraine Remedy  

If it’s indeed a migraine, take some ginger. Ginger inhibits inflammation in blood vessels, so take it when your headache first comes on.

Need More Help?

See your doctor to discuss your headaches and how to best care for them.

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Brown Rice + Veggies with Ginger Sauce: NEVER EAT These Foods

~ More great resources for you just like in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

I listened to a very interesting show yesterday. I thought I share with you the foods you should NEVER EAT.  I’ll add more to this sometime soon. Check out your diet and see what you need to change.

God Bless You!



Heard a doctor speak today about a list of foods you should NEVER EAT! Let me share a few things with you so you too are more informed. Here goes!

1. Processed Meats: Pepperoni, Salami, Bacon, Sausage, Hotdogs, Luncheon Meat, Corn dogs. Ham ~ I hate to break it to you but all contain sodium nitrates  which cause cancer. Sodium nitrates are used as a preservative but your body can’t metabolize it. If you eat enough of these things, nitrates can cause cancer.

2. Artificial sweeteners ~ Aspartame, Sweet-n-low, Splenda and the like are  carcinogenic. Being synthetically made in the laboratory, this means they can and will lead to cancer. Try rice syrup, agave nectar, honey, or Steva, a natural sweetener.

3. Fructose (white sugar) ~ Eating this is never a good idea in fact cancer cells just love this stuff! This always causes diabetes which can lead to other more serious things like stroke especially when combined with high blood pressure.

4. Margarine ~ Margarine is filled with trans fats which causes cancer + heart disease. Instead of margarine, use Organic Butter  — yes, organic butter with olive oil. You can mix it up yourself because I don’t know of any organic products. But whatever you do, just don’t use Canola Oil.

5. Canola Oil: One of the biggest problems with highly processed and refined vegetable oils such as corn oil, soybean oil, and yes, even canola oil, is that the polyunsaturated component of the oil is highly unstable under heat, light, and pressure, and this heavily oxidizes the polyunsaturates which increases free radicals in your body. Therefore the end result of all of this refining and processing are oils that are highly inflammatory in your body when you ingest them, potentially contributing to heart disease, weight gain, and other degenerative diseases.

The reason extra virgin olive oil is good for you is that it is cold pressed without the use of heat and solvents to aid extraction. Extra virgin olive oil also contains important antioxidants that help protect the stability of the oil.

6. Shellfish  — Shrimp, Tuna (both canned and fresh caught tuna are not good for you due to mercury levels), Lobster, Scallops, and Crab are all shellfish. They just aren’t good for you because the water in our oceans are filled with oil from chemical spills and ions are constantly being released from Japan’s nuclear reactors all of which make our water unsafe.

7. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) ~ Many foods fall into this category and you won’t even know that they are genetically produced. This means they are made in the laboratory and the packing won’t tell you a thing about how they are grown. See this link for more:

8. Aluminum Salts (and fluoride) ~

  • Links have been made between Alzheimer’s Disease and large deposits of aluminum in the brain,which researchers suggest can form after long-term use of aluminum cooking utensils.
  • Aluminum is also considered a poison that can be life-threatening if found in large quantities in the body.

I’ll have more to share with you a bit later on.

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