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January ~ Thyroid Awareness Month

~ In the spirit of Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland, here is some  medical information that may help you.

January: Thyroid Awareness Month
There’s an increase in thyroid cancer. This is mostly due to dental x-rays and cell phones. However, when your thyroid doesn’t function properly, it can affect every aspect of your health, and in particular, weight, depression, and energy levels. If you live around the Great Lakes, there is a great chance you could experience thyroid problems due to lack of iodine. Many women around the age of 40 find their thyroid isn’t functioning properly.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, make an appointment with your doctor. Make sure to tell your physician if anyone else in your family has a thyroid problem (family history).

Thyroid Symptoms:

1. Fatigue

2. Weight gain or loss ~ this is an important indictor for many medical issues

3.  Depression and Anxiety

4. Cholesterol Issues

5. Menstrual Irregularities and Fertility Problems

6. Hair / Skin Changes / Bowel Changes

7. Neck Discomfort/Enlargement ~ A feeling of swelling in the neck, discomfort with turtlenecks or neckties, a hoarse voice or a visibly enlarged thyroid can all be symptoms of thyroid disease.

8. Thyroid test ~  This simple home test can help you know more. Visit:

IMPORTANT: Your doctor is much more skilled at diagnosising your problem than you are even with this home diagnostic test. Therefore, make sure you call for an appointment today if you have some concerns. 

God Bless You!


(Special thanks to Guide article “Top 10 Signs That You May Have a Thryoid Problem,” by Mary Shomon, Updated -June 25, 2009.


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Got the Winter Blues? + colorful graphics

~In keeping with the many great things in Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland, here is news on a very important health issue.

Depression can happen to any of us at any given time. It can be due to changes in your life, a new baby, loss of loved ones or a job, and a host of many other things including chemical changes in the brain. If you are feeling sad, having difficulty functioning; there is no shame in getting help from a professional if you need it. Please discuss any difficulties with your physician. If you don’t have a primary care physician, it’s time to get one!


Got the winter blues? In Cleveland, about 20 percent of us are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Since we have so many cloudy days here, the lack of sunlight hinders the brain’s ability to make a chemical called serotonin. Low levels of serotonin can cause you to feel sluggish and depressed. Good remedies to improve your well-being include taking a walk in the early morning hours when there is sun and increasing your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids by eating oily fish like salmon, herring, or sardines. Also make sure your diet includes at least 800 units of Vitamin D daily and foods rich in Vitamin C. For good brain functioning, get seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

If you are still experiencing problems after monitoring your diet and exercise, see your doctor to discuss your symptoms and concerns. Your doctor may recommend you spend ten to fifteen minutes in front of a therapeutic light box with 10,000 LUX (no UV rays).

Visit or for more information on purchasing therapeutic light boxes.


Below are some very useful tools from Mental Health America’s website which can help you feel your best. Also check out their link for depression screening:


The 10 Tools

These proven tools can help you feel stronger and more hopeful. Check out each page for specific, easy-to-follow tips.

  1. Connect with othersStay connectedTool 1
  2. Stay positiveStay PositiveTool 2
  3. Get physically activeGet Physically ActiveTool 3
  4. Help othersHelp OthersTool 4
  5. Get enough sleepGet enough sleepTool 5
  6. Create joy and satisfactionCreate Joy and SatisfactionTool 6
  7. Eat wellEat WellTool 7
  8. Take care of your spiritTake care of your spiritTool 8
  9. Deal better with hard timesDeal with hard timesTool 9
  10. Get professional help if you need itGet HelpTool 10

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Interesting Stuff: On Nanci’s blog + Book News

~ More about Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

I thought you might find it interesting to learn about my blog stats for 2011.

Vistors to my blog in 2011=  1,500

Number of posts written = 78

Top referring sites = Yahoo, Facebook,,, and

Vistors came searching for = About Nanci, Fresh Hope … Cleveland, and Why is Prayer So Powerful.

Most vistors came from = United States, India, Hong Kong, Greece, and Holland.

Most commented on post = What are you reading?

Posts that got the most views in 2011= Watch the Pink Glove Dance Video, Did you know? The Great Tribulation, What are you reading?, Did you know? Immunization Info.

Busiest Day = March 29 ~ “More eBook News” with 55 visitors that day!  In 2010, I had 88 visitors on May 15 when I announced I remodeled my blog!

Thanks for being part of this wonderful journey!


Book Countdown: Approximately 45 more days until the book is ready! Right now the publisher is still working on the interior layout. They are working to get the layout right since they overlooked quite a few things in the first round of modifications.

My website is looking great. I just have to decide on tab names and rewrite a bit of the content. My niece in Seattle told me the site was really colorful. She’s right! It is!

As I start speaking, teaching classes, and have book signings, I’ll keep you posted about those events here on my blog ~ or check the calendar on my website at

God Bless You!


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Savings: Cell Phones & Electric Bill

~ In keeping with the grand tradition of Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland, here are more helpful ideas for you!

Please Note: Watch for updates on the official release of Fresh Hope … Cleveland. It will be out very soon! 

Savings: Cell Phones & Your Electric Bill

1. Free phone ~ Verizon offers Free Phones on line if you are an existing customer and are willing to sign-up for a two-year contract. I recently used this myself. Visit

2. Free phone if you qualify: Safelink offers free cell phones to those who match their criteria. Please visit them at for more information.

3.  For savings on you electric bill (if your primary source of heat is electric): Contact Duke Energy if you are a customer of Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison. Duke offers fixed savings through December 2013. Contact them at 1-855-999-8817 or

Keep warm and connected this winter.

God Bless You!


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Welcome 2012!

~ More about Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

In the spirit of Fresh Hope … Cleveland which gives many ideas on how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollars along with creative living ideas, here are some New Year’s ideas that will make your life better. 

1. E-mail and FaceBook: Don’t check these every couple of minutes. It’s more productive to check these every 90 minutes or so. The key thing here to remember is: Don’t let your e-mail or social media control you; You take control of it!

2. Traditions: This year I sent Thanksgiving cards and very few Christmas cards. For me and maybe for you too, Christmas is just way to busy and shifting my greetings to another time freed up precious time for me this Christmas season. Also, I believe my greeting stood out ~ no one else sent their greeting at that time. If you want to connect – do something unusual with a card or actually calling them.

3. Magazine Subscriptions: Are you reading the magazines and newspapers that are coming into your home? I only get Architecture Digest but still have difficulty finding time to read that. Advice: weed out those things you are not reading ~ what subscriptions do you need to get rid of in this new year?

4. Evaluate: Don’t get involved in things that are more trouble than they are worth! Evaulate the project. Do the things in the fine print suck the joy out of your project and you? That’s what you want to avoid. 

5. Simplify things! I sure made that simple!

6. Turn Back to God! Your life will never be the same. Why? Because God created you to have a relationship with Him –but  instead man has turned to  money, status, being self-centered and other idols. A nice car, good job, money, or having friends in high places in government etc, will never make for fulfillment and joy in your life. Turn Back to God! 

You can find more answers for your life as you read God’s Word, the Bible.

All but #6 is from the Harvard Business Review, “Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012,” December 15, 2011. You can find more answers for your life as you read God’s Word, the Bible and worship at a church where they preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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