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Editor’s Review of “Fresh Hope … Cleveland”

~ Read this review of Nanci’s book Fresh Hope … Cleveland from the publication Inside The Pew. News from a Christian perspective

I was contacted on LinkedIn by an editor from Inside The Pew in Plano, Texas. Here’s the paper’s review of my book. I thought you’d enjoy reading it!

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Book Reviews

‘Fresh Hope … Cleveland’ quite resourceful

August 14, 2012


By Tonya Whitaker Inside The Pew

Author Nanci J. Gravill

Nearly nine years ago, Cleveland author Nanci J. Gravill was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, she was unable to return to her temporary job. Since she could not work, Gravill was left to live off money generated from investments and retirement. The best course for Gravill was to seek assistance for community resources. By reaching out, she found more than outside help. Gravill discovered a new course that allowed her to cope with her condition and learn how to put all her trust in God.

The end result of her experience is the release, Fresh Hope … Cleveland: Resources to Help You Navigate through Unsettled Times (WestBow Press, $19.99 perfect bound softcover; $3.99 eBook).

Within its pages the reader will find inventive ways to manage those challenges along with money-saving tips, healthcare services, job and mortgage information, and more. At the core, readers will discover (or re-discover) the most important resource once could ever possess: a relationship with God.

“Prayer is the simply talking to God and telling Him how you feel and what you need. Your words do not have to be fancy or in any particular fashion. … Prayer is the most powerful resource you possess. Cast all your cares on God because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7),” Gravill writes in the introduction of part 3, “More Fresh Hope Resources.

While the book includes a bevy of information for individuals seeking community assistance in Cleveland, Gravill said the content is easily adjustable to fit residents in any large, metropolitan city.

“All the resources in the book came from my modern-day Job experience. Even though there are some resources that seem to be just for my area, they will still point someone needing help in the right direction. All they will have to do to find the location in their city is look in the phone book or Google the facility and such!”

The greatest asset of the Fresh Hope … Cleveland is its emphasis on reflection and reconnection. Gravill includes several of Workspace forms to allow readers to chronicle their thoughts on the section’s topic. One cannot help but to be moved by the form in part 4, “Record To Day To Remember.” In it, Gravill challenges readers to ponder the day Christ came into their hearts.

“If you’ve gone to church but have never heard about knowing God personally and having a personal relationship with Him, please take a comfortable seat and let me tell you about the best friend you could ever have!” she divulges in “Something More.”

If anything, Gravill leaves readers with the sense they can survive any situation by believing in Him and by calling on those who show love for their fellow-man through their generous acts. The book is well-balanced and conveys the love Christ has for us is unwavering, we just need to reach out for it.

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