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More Wisdom ~

More WISDOM for today! I think this picture says it all.

Have a good evening!

God Bless You!






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More WISDOM ~ The Disciplined Pursuit of Less ~ #3

~ The last two posts I shared some WISDOM for your life. Here’s more WISDOM today but of a little bit different kind.

Today I’m sharing a concept that will give you insight and more great information for your life just like the great things featured in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland. You can still buy a copy of my book on or from my publisher at

Watch this 5-minute video. The ideas shared will be so helpful for your personal and professional life. Every person needs this information and perspective. It’s about breaking through to the next level. Read more below.

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!



Author Greg McKeown interviewed countless business executives during this career and saw first-hand how success can lead straight to professional and personal failure. He describes the problem: the insidious idea that we think we can do it all. Overwhelmed by expectations and options, entrepreneurs and executives find success and end up losing the single-minded focus that made them successful in the first place.

Inspired by the philosophy “less but better” — the Japanese say it this  way, “less is more,” McKeown shares in his book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,  practical tips on how to figure out what’s most important, eliminate the trivial, and establish routines for effortless execution.

McKeown earned his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Here’s the link:

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Wisdom For Your Life!

~More thoughts and information like you’d find in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Here are some thoughts that just might be some “Wisdom for Your Life.”

1. Think of this time in your life as a gift from God. Perhaps He’s trying to get your attention to teach you some things that will help you and strengthen you.

2. Think of this time in your life as an ADVENTURE. See what new things you can discover.

3. Think of this time in your life as a bridge to connect you to something else — something positive and healing for your life.

I’ll add more next week ~ but you can also go to the “Wisdom for Your Life” tab on this blog for more. I’ll see you next Tuesday, March 11.

Make it a great evening!

God Bless You!


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Love is More Than Just a Feeling ~ Part 7

~ Here’s something similar to what you’ll find in the second part of my book, Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Today, more from the series Love is More Than Just a Feeling.

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!



I saw this posted on Facebook about a week ago. and since we are talking about THE most important four-letter word ever — I thought I’d share this with you today.

If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive ~ Mother Theresa

Is there someone you need to forgive in this new year?

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Simplifying Your Life

~ Today another great resource similar to those in Nanci’s book Fresh Hope … Cleveland: Resources to Help You Navigate through Unsettled Times.

A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. For me, it means eliminating all but the essential, eschewing chaos for peace, and spending your time doing what’s important to you. It means getting rid of many of the things you do so you can spend time with people you love and do the things you love. It means getting rid of the clutter so you are left with only that which gives you value.

~ Leo Babauta


It’s the start of a new year. Maybe you’ve thought about simplifying your life. I know I have! Today I share with you some key points from Joyce Meyer’s book, 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life. Try them. They’ll make your life better so what’s left will be those things that you truly value!

Ways to Simplify Your Life in the Practical Sense:

  • Establish boundaries
  • Learn how to say “no”
  • Choose your battles
  • Believe the BEST of others
  • Be Positive
  • Plan Ahead
  • Wise up before you burn out
  • Get rid of junk mail ~ Clear out the clutter
  • Be easy to get along with
  • Tackle each day as it comes

Ways to Simplify Your Life Spiritually:

  • Keep God first
  • Get your mind off yourself
  • Don’t worry about tomorrow
  • Be merciful
  • Trust God to change you
  • Be thankful
  • Be faithful
  • Keep prayer simple
  • Pray about everything

Make it a great day and keep warm Cleveland!

God Bless You!


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Love is More Than Just a Feeling ~ Part 1

~ More resources to help you just like in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

This is Part I of my new series. I hope you’ll come by each week and learn why Love is More Than Just a Feeling.

God Bless You!



November, I was told the other day, is National Adoption Month. Nothing can replace the LOVE and care of a family.

LOVE at It’s Best

Adoptive families embrace the concept around which this whole series revolves. It’s all about the bigger picture of something — something so much larger than ourselves. It’s all about LOVE.

To take tiny people into your home that you don’t even know, spend time and money to give them a good home and provide for them when they can’t repay you is indeed LOVE. To nurture someone and give of yourself –is LOVE at it’s very best. To be quite honest, raising children is a selfless act no matter if they are biologically your own or adopted. But if you adopt a child, that’s even more special. I heard a story about a family that adopted a young boy. One day he and his sister got into a little spat. The sister shouted at her brother, you were adopted! He told her, well, mom and dad had to take you when you came. But I was picked out special!

Why Are Families Important?

Families make us who we are by nurturing, encouraging, and directing us. They also help mold our personality and character. A family is the place too where memories are made and each one of us experiences holiday traditions with food, decorations, music, and perhaps your funny Aunt Clara. Remember she’s the one who always bakes ten pies at Christmas or Thanksgiving, brings her cute little Schnauzer, drives a VW bug – and she’s attractive but still not married! That sounds like somebody I know!

A family is the place where you’re supposed to be accepted and loved in spite of everything. A family will never perfect but certainly for those who adopt, the objective is to provide a loving home environment. The adoptive family as well as the adoptee are placed within the family unit after evaluation and a home study. Both the family and the child(ren) are carefully placed to make sure it’s a good fit. It can be a satisfying relationship for both the family and a well-deserving child that needs a home – because they both need each other. But the glue that cements the entire relationship together is LOVE.

There was a great article in USA Today (September 12, 2013). It indicated that adoption numbers were rising for kids in foster care. A great quote from the article shared this, “It’s important to work on family success, not just child placement, expert says.”

Forever Home Adoptions ~ new adoption agency

If you are thinking about adoption, I know of a new agency that would love to answer any questions you may have. Contact them via Facebook at Forever Home Adoptions or at

“If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I could only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.” I Corinthians 13: 1-3 ~ New Living Translation

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Love is More Than Just a Feeling ~ Introduction

~ More resources just like the kind you’ll find in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland: Resources to Help You Navigate through Unsettled Times.


How can a simple concept like LOVE can be so power and helpful for your life?

In this new series “Love is More than Just a Feeling,” I will explore all sorts of things related to LOVE. Why? Because LOVE is more than just a feeling. It’s a way of behaving and a way of looking at others that are the same or much different that you are. But it’s also a powerful way to live your life every day.

LOVE is one of the nutrients you need in life for a peaceful soul. In this new series, LOVE is More Than Just a Feeling, learn about:

  • LOVE and Care for Children ~ National Adoption Month (next week)
  • Aspects of LOVE: forgiveness, trust, truth, and blessing others
  • Learn more about LOVE and it’s healing properties
  • Read the LOVING words of a son after his father’s death (Nov. 26)
  • Enjoy readings about LOVE from the Message Bible
  • Learn the types of LOVE (from Greek language): Agape, Phila, Eros
  • Find LOVE that fills and satisfies
  • Believe/Receive CHRISTmas LOVE and what that means for you today
  • Discover your LOVE Language + the LOVE language of those you love
  • Explore: LOVE is about everything that you are
  • Take the LOVE challenge
  • More!

I hope you come by and visit each post in the series because you just may find out there’s more to LOVE than you thought — Love is More Than Just a Feeling!

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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