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Did you know? Hugs …

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

The Power of a Hug

It has been a few years since I’ve heard this story. You may remember it too.  Twins were born and one of the babies wasn’t doing well. Finally one of the nurses in the newborn nursery decided to put that baby into the same isolet with his brother.

The picture of those two dear children are forever etched in my mind. What happened was nothing short of a miracle. The thriving baby put his arm around his brother — yes, a warm, caring hug! It was sweet to see. And as a result, the connection the baby had with his brother gave him the desire and encouragement he needed to thrive. What a beautiful story ~ it was entitled The Rescue Hug — and it certainly was!

Why Are Hugs Important?

We all need to be touched. If you ever read Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, you’ll remember that physical touch is one of the ways we can give and receive love. Touch can send a very powerful message. And in the same way, hugs communicate love, friendship, congratulations, support, affection, and any other sediment you which to convey.

We All Need Physical Touch to Thrive

The most important thing is, we all need physical touch to thrive. We need to feel a connection to another person. In the very beginning of life, the need to touch and to be touched is established. I think of the children in orphanges in Romania, for example, who get little or no physical touch — they are left in their beds without any attention. As a result emotionally they are withdrawn  — they have no emotional connections and many develop mental health issues. Touch is more important than you can imagine or know. Touch is extremely important to your well-being and also to your friend, children, husband or wife, and your family. Who will you HUG today?

Let God Guide You to Those Who Need a Good Hug Today!

God Bless You!


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Did you know? Book News …

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Book Summary:

Title: Fresh Hope … Cleveland

Subtitle: Resources to Help You Navigate through Unsettled Times


What’s the book about?

My new book is as the subtitle says, a book of resources. I gathered each and every one of these items along a five-year journey that started with breast cancer in late 2003.  But don’t worry, the book’s not about cancer.

 Is Fresh Hope …. Cleveland just for Cleveland?

Here’s the whole story.  The only thing to remember is that in the first section there are several things that are specific to Cuyahoga County in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. However, you may know or think of some very similar resources in your area ~ so it can give you lots of ideas for where you live too. You might just have to look up a phone number or address.

Book News:

After two weeks of putting the front and back matter into the proper formatt and asking the publisher lots of questions, I submitted everything to the  assistant on August 15. The first step was for WestBow Press to review the content of what I had written. Yesterday I heard that it passed the “Content” department’s scrutiny. As of September 1, my manuscript was moved from the “Content” area to now the “Editorial” area. The assistant mentioned it would be there about three weeks. I really can’t imagine that because my book has already been edited by a very savvy editor with a master’s degree in English. 

I learned last Friday that sometime later this week, Fresh Hope … Cleveland will move to the Graphic Design area. I have a few edits to check that somehow didn’t come through. I’ll be checking every edit to make sure they were indeed incorporated into the manuscript. It shouldn’t be in the design area for long as we gave the publisher all the files for the original artwork.

And Finally …

I’ll keep you posted on the publishing process. It is indeed interesting! But if you’re like me, you’ll be extremely interested in the final date — when the book’s due out!  Then I can tell you more about what’s going on for a kickoff party. I do have an idea for that already.

God Bless You!


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Did you know? Thanking Our Soldiers Overseas

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope …Cleveland.

My book Fresh Hope … Cleveland deals with a variety of subjects from tips to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollars to ways to effectively deal with every emotions that accompanies any challenge you face.  In a nutshell, my book brings you all sorts of ideas to make your life better, fuller, and richer in quality. That’s why today’s post deals with how you can reach out and thank someone else. It will make our soldiers feel great and you as well.

America’s Freedom and You

As the tenth anniversary of 9-11 was just observed, think of our troops who protect and defend us around the world. Here’s a way you can say thank you to them.  


Someone shared a website with me where you can select a postcard that Xerox will print and send to our soldiers overseas. I thought I’d share the particulars with you here.

Postcards to Our Troops

The wonderful artwork on these postcards has been done by children around the United States. It’s very easy to send a card ~ there are three easy steps. And don’t worry about thinking of something clever to say. You can select a pre-written message, or compose one yourself. It takes less than two (2) minutes to do this except if you’re like me and had trouble deciding on just the right postcard. They are all so creative and colorful!

Unfortunately many of our soldiers are coming home in body bags or with serious injuries and all so that we can enjoy our freedom. I urge you to please take a minute to be an encouragement to one of our soldiers today. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the Website ~ Send Your Postcard Today

Website:  Go online and send a postcard today.

Thank you so much.

God Bless You!


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Did you know? The Great Tribulation …

~ More on Nanci J. Gravills’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

NOTE: If you find this post interesting, at the end of this message I’ve given you more information on two (2) televison programs that will be aired this coming Friday, September 9, on this very subject — the End Times and the Rapture.

Please Note:  Because I wanted you to have a chance to learn about and see these End Times broadcasts, next Tuesday, September 13, my post will feature how you can encourage our soldiers overseas.

Are you wondering about all the  floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, and crazy weather patterns? Concerned about the United States’ difficulties with cash and unemployment? Perhaps too, you’ve heard things and you wonder if there’s any truth to what the Bible says. Will Christ come again in your lifetime? These things and more are considered end time events.


I am no Bible scholar believe me. But I’ve just gone through a Beth Moore teaching on Revelation, the last book of the Bible, which was eye-opening for me. I’ve also heard some fabulous teaching from Grant Jeffrey and Perry Stone on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN — channel 16 — Time Warner Cable). They both shared information last Friday on the Great Tribulation, the end times. The information was so compelling I wanted to make you aware of it too.

When Will Christians Be “Raptured” Up?

The question most Christians think about relates to the end times. Most wonder “when will the Christians be taken out of this world — raptured up?” There are Pre-Tribution theories and Mid-Tributation theories, and End-of-Tribulation theories. However, both Grant and Perry (I’m on a first name basis with them) point out that if you look in the Bible, God’s Word, God has never has allowed his children, the righteous, to be put through any wrath. They have always been taken out before any judgement. They both sited the examples of Noah and Lot. God spared them the hardship and wrath that He sent to those who were sinful. In fact, God waited until Lot and his family were out of the city of Zoar before he could carry out this wrath. 

More Evidence ~ “Rapture”

Jeffrey and Stone’s programs on Friday, September 2, also pointed out that of the seven horses in the Tribution, one will bring famine and another will bring death to one-third of the population. That would mean righteous men and women of God would die too during those times as a result of God’s wrath. This evidence and more leads both men to believe that Christians that know Jesus as their Savior will escape the Tribution. Our bodies will be transformed and we will ascend to the Father in a twinkling of an eye. They both believe in a Pre-tribulation rapture.  Just so we are clear, they also point out that nowhere in the Bible will you find the term “rapture.” It’s kind of a made up word that came from a Latin translation.

More on the “Rapture” on TBN Friday, September 9

Grant Jeffery’s show is broadcast on TBN at 9 pm. Perry Stone will have more to say on his program this coming Friday regarding the end times. His show Manna – Fest, is on at 9:30 p.m.  Both shows are worth watching.

Description of Perry Stone’s Manna-Fest Program

Manna-Fest is the weekly television program of Perry Stone that deals with in-depth prophetic and practical studies of the Word of God. As Biblical Prophecy continues to unfold, you will find Manna-Fest with Perry Stone to be a resource to help you better understand where we are now in light of Bible Prophecy and what the Bible says about the future.

God Bless You ~ hope to see you one day in that twinkling of an eye with Jesus.


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