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A Little More About My Devotional Book: Take A Seat On This Park Bench

Hi! Happy Tuesday to You! Thanks for coming by today!

Today I’m sharing what you’ll see on the back cover of my new book. It will give you an idea what the book’s about.

Back Cover Copy

 Take a Seat on This Park Bench: Essays for Strength, Encouragement, and Healthy Living with Devotional Pages to Help You Grow Closer to God

One night I heard a Christian psychiatrist being interviewed on TV. He was asked if more people today are depressed and go for counseling than say 40 – 50 years ago. Without blinking an eye the doctor answered “yes” to both parts of the question. He went on to say that one of the reasons for the depression and the increased need for counseling was that we no longer take time to reflect on our lives. The word reflect grabbed my attention. As a result, I was inspired to combine contemporary informative topics into a new book that also presents spiritual truths to help you grow closer to God.

In Take a Seat on This Park Bench you’ll be encouraged to explore your faith through a series of essays and descriptive devotionals. Each devotional is written just as if you were sitting on a park bench. I chose a park bench because the outdoors and a bench are great places to relax and enjoy God’s creations. They’re also fabulous places to get away from the busyness of life and reflect on the goodness of God in your life.  Here you can listen closely for God’s voice. Why? That’s because only God has the answers that you need.

Take a Seat on This Park Bench and you’ll be refreshed mentally and spiritually while you sit, read, and reflect. And without a doubt you’ll learn more about God’s character and His great love for you. Each essay and devotional share messages of strength, encouragement, and healthy living ideas. Take a Seat on This Park Bench and gain some new perspectives for your life from these and other essays including:

Things Happen For You, Waiting, Mental Tenacity, Even in the Storm, On Your Knees, Gratitude, Take a Drink of Great Happiness, Right Thinking, Wholeness ▪ Healing, Happy Habits, It’s What’s in Your Heart, Get Wisdom, Kindness, On Love and the Five Love Languages, Purpose, The Green Bean Club, and more!

̶ Nanci J. Gravill

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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5 Great Things to Know About My New Book


Before I share some of the great things about my new book, I think it would be fitting to share the title and subtitle with you.

Title: Take A Seat On This Park Bench

Subtitle: Essays for Strength, Encouragement, and Healthy Living with Devotional Pages to Help You Grow Closer to God

Tomorrow (we are Tuesday people, remember?) I’ll share what’s going to be on the back cover of the book. But for now, here are a few things you should know about this book:

  1. Yes, Take A Seat On This Park Bench is a special devotional book.
  2. All the essays are grouped together for strength, encouragement, well-being, and personal growth.
  3. My book offers some interesting essays on a variety of subjects that will inform and educate you the reader.
  4. The book has a few areas for you to write or respond to scripture. However, I do recommend that everyone who reads or studies this book use a journal. That will make what you learn even more powerful.
  5. Here’s the most important point that you should know. You’ll find the book shares how to know Christ as your Savior. I believe this will be a great book for those who have a belief in God — but don’t yet have a personal relationship with Jesus.

See you tomorrow when I post the back cover copy of the book!

Make the last minutes of your Labor Day great!

God Bless You!


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