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Fruits & Veggies ~ Which Have the Most Pesticide Residues?

~ More great information in keeping with the spirit of Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland.

Fruits and vegetables are very important in your diet. Pick the ones with the most color and you’ll be doing your body a big favor. They are filled with lots of vitamins, minerals, photonutrients, and fiber.

Growing fruits and vegetables in large quanties to feed a hungry nation means using pesitcides. Obviously this is so the fields yield great volumes of healthy produce.  Pesticides, however, are toxic and are not good for our bodies. Below I’ve given you a great recipe for a produce spray ~ compliments of Dr. Oz’s show. You can use this spray to clean the residue off your fruits and veggies. Really, you should buy organic produce but that can get very costly. So if you can’t afford organic produce, then use this spray.

Also listed below are two different lists regarding things fresh from the garden (or grocery). Make sure you read through these lists of fruits and vegetables. One shares produce with the most and the other the least amount of pesticide residue. It’s also important to pay attention to where the fruits and vegetables are grown. That can have a bearing on the amount of pesticide residue. 


12 Fruits & Vegetables with the Most Pesticide Residues:

1. Strawberries 

2. Bell peppers (red and green)

3. Spinach

4. Cherries (grown in U.S.)      

5. Peaches  

6. Mexican grown Cantaloupe 

7. Celery 

8. Apples 

9. Apricots      

10. Green Beans 

11. Chilean Grapes

12. Cucumbers


These 12 Have the Least Pesticide Residues:

1. Avocado

2. Corn

3. Onions

4. Sweet Potatoes

5. Cauliflower

6. Brussels Sprouts

7. Grapes (grown in the U.S.)

8. Bananas

9. Plums

10. Green Onions

11. Watermelon

12. Broccli


Clean and Healthy Produce Spray

1 cup of water

1 c. distilled white vinegar

1 T. baking soda

1/2 of a lemon

Combine all ingredients in a large container. Transfer to a spray bottle with a pump. Spray mixture on produce and let sit for 5 minutes. Scrub and rinse.

Make sure to eat all your vegetables this week!


God Bless You!


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Mayan Indian Myth: 2012 ~ Put Your Hope in God

~More on Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland. It will go LIVE on the publiser’s website in about 10 days!

Are you wondering about the Mayan Empire’s prediction of an Earth global event? This some say will abruptly change the course of history — perhaps it’s the end of the world on December 21, 2012, and something right out of the Bible’s Book of Revelation? No one knows for sure. But on that day of the Winter Soltice, our Earth and the Sun will be in line with the center of our galaxy. With all this spectulation, here’s what we do know for this new year, 2012.

I love the individuals who are putting a lot of effort into helping America come back from it’s difficulties. It’s good that there are people who are motivated and who care about what used to be the greatest nation on Earth. However, the problem isn’t about rebuilding and being the strongest and the best after 9/11 or the mortgage crisis fallout. The real issue is where we putting our trust and confidence. If we put our trust in our own efforts, then all the muscle power in the world won’t make a hill of beans of difference. The real issue is we have turned away from God as a nation. What does it say on your money? It says “In God We Trust.” This country was founded on those very principles but that’s no longer true.

Now the United States is headed for God’s judgement ~ and much greater economic difficulties this year. We have pushed God out of our schools, our homes, and out of our lives.

Today God is warning this nation and this should be a warning to you too. ~ Turn Back to God!

So if the alignment of our Earth with the Sun or China or North Korea creates a nuclear event, you’ll be in good hands ~ God’s hands ~ and well-able to navigate the days ahead. Turn Back to God!

God Bless You!


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Valentine’s Day Book News

~ More great information in keeping with the spirit of Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland.

I’ve answered some frequently asked questions here about the status of my book.  Here’s what I know as of today, Valentines’ Day. I hope this is helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions Complete with Answers

1.  What’s going on with the book now? The last modifications will be made to the book’s layout on Friday, February 17. This is the final process before moving on to the print phase.

2. When will the book be out? I don’t have an exact date because the next step is getting the book set-up to print (takes about thee weeks). Then they will print my copies and send them off to me! When my copies arrive, if the print quality is okay then the book will officially be listed on WestBow’s website and Fresh Hope …. Cleveland will then be for sale!

3. When will your website make it’s debut? As soon as the website is finished I’ll post that here in my blog, twitter, and Facebook. It still needs a few things but it’s looking really good. I hope you like it too! I’ll give you one hint; it’s colorful! My web developer did a great job. His first idea was really nice however, I didn’t think the photo of me was the right one. I didn’t look very friendly ~ it was a nice one but something wasn’t right. So then I got an an idea using all the things we had. I hope you like this new motif concept ~ it can always be changed. I have just a little more to write at this point for all the 12 tabs!

4. Who’s your publisher? My publisher is WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Yes, WestBow is a Christian publisher.  It’s print-on-demand. That will be mean when you order a book you’ll get it in about eight days — a little longer if it’s near Christmas.

5. Is the book strictly for Cleveland since the title is Fresh Hope … Cleveland? No. My book is not just for Clevelanders. There are about 12 things in the first section that strictly relate to Cleveland. However, you can find those resources  in your city too wherever you live.  All you’ll have to do is find your cities’ yellow pages or look on the Internet for an address, phone number, and/or directions.

6. Is the book just available in softcover copy? The printed version of the book is available for $19.99 (+ shipping) on my publisher’s website. I will sell books for $20 (includes Ohio sales tax + shipping) at my book signings. I’ll also autography them for you too!

The publisher’s site will also sell an eBook version of the book for $3.95.

7. How will you market the book?  That’s a good question. It will be on my website, the publisher’s site, and on Amazon and distributed at some local bookstores.  In some cases, you may have to ask the manager to order you a few copies. Eventually I believe Fresh Hope … Cleveland will be available at the public libraries.  

8. How can you help Fresh Hope … Cleveland? Later on I’ll be sharing what you can do to help with the book’s marketing. I’ll share more with you when the book’s out from an article entitled “If you love an Author.”

Make sure you follow my blog ( or come to my website at to find out about upcoming events. This will be an exciting year!

Have a very happy valentine’s day ~ and if you don’t have a valentine, just remember how much God loves you!

God Bless You!


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Home Safety Checklist + Free Memory Screening Feb. 22

~ More great information in keeping with the spirit of Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland.

With the increase of home fires due to Christmas trees, gas lines, fireplaces, and burning candles, here are some important things to consider for your home ~ this winter.

1. Are electrical cords in good condition?

2. Are unused electrical outlets covered or locked?

3. Are electical outlets checked regularly for overloading?

4. Do you know how to turn off gas and electricity in case of emergency?

5. Are proper sized fuses used for replacement rather than pennies or substitutes?

6. Do you have smoke detectors in your home, and have you checked the batteries lately?

7. Do have emergency phone numbers –police, fire, doctor, utilities –handy near the phone?

8. Do you have a sturdy stepladder available for climbing?

9. Is lead-free paint used on all objects?

10. Are firearms (guns) unloaded and locked up?


Free Memory Screening ~ No Appointment Needed

It’s normal to forget a name from time to time. It’s not normal to keep forgetting days of the week, or when to pay your bills or take medication. Come to a free screening by the Community nurses to see if you should consider seeing a doctor. 

Free Screening  Wednesday, February 22~ 8 – 10 am ~  Middleburg Hts. Community Center ~ 16000 Bagley  Road, Middleburg Hts. ~ No appointment necessary.

 Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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