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Clothes Mentor ~ Find a Store Near You!

~ More resources to help you just like in Nanci’s book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Ladies, I found a cool new place to shop and there are stores all over the United States. It’s a women’s fashions resale store like you have never seen before.  If you want the best at great prices, you’ll love Clothes Mentor. Check out their website. Here’s a bit more about who they are and what they do.

Enjoy your evening!

God Bless You!



~ Clothes Mentor ~

Used Women’s Clothes, Used Designer Clothing

Clothes Mentor deals in a variety of women’s fashion products, but our main focus has always been in clothing. At Clothes Mentor, we are always dealing in the newest styles of clothing. Whether you are looking for something casual or something classy, we have options for you. Clothes mentor is here to provide women with an affordable way to be fashion forward. Selling the latest fashions is only half of what we do, as we also buy clothing as well! If you have gently used designer clothing, Clothes Mentor will pay you cash for them on the spot. Clothes Mentor is a great way to trade in clothing for cash, which you can use to buy more new styles!

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Help From ~ A Food Bank Near You

~ More resources just like the ones in Nanci’s book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland: Resources to Help You Navigate through Unsettled Times.

If you need help in this new year, a food bank may be the answer to your prayers. Below are the criteria that will qualify you for some assistance for the Cleveland Food Bank. However, every large city in every state in the United States has a food bank to help you. Check the Feeding America website for more information on how to find a food bank near you. I love their slogan,  “Through a nationwide network of food banks, Together We Can Solve Hunger.”

Feeding America site:

But  in the meantime, keep WARM Cleveland! Don’t forget your hat, scarf, and gloves. Exposed skin can freeze in about 8 – 10 minutes with the -12 temperatures + windchill we and other parts of the East are having.

Stay Warm!

God Bless You!



Bringing Help and Hope to You in Your Area:

Bringing Help and Hope to You in Cleveland, Ohio:

  • In Cleveland, Ohio, if you make less than these amounts (below) each month, you may qualify for food assistance.

1 Person: $1,211 per month

2 People: $1,640 per month

3 People: $2,069 per month

4 People: $2,498 per month

5 People: $2,927 per month


Contact the Cleveland Food Bank at:

15500 S. Waterloo Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Monday – Friday 10 am to 4 pm



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Be a Blessing ~ Wisdom for a Tough Economy

~ More resources to help you just like in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

I posted the message below on Facebook yesterday. Many of you don’t have access to Facebook so I wanted you to be aware of this as well.

The next several years may be difficult ones due to cuts in government programs like food stamps, Obamacare rollout, fallout from Obamacare, continued unemployment, and our government’s debt and shutdown crisis issues which are pending as of January 15. It’s obvious that long-term solutions need to be found to keep this country from further decline. In some ways as you live your life this may seem like the best of times — yet for our country it may be the worst of times as Shakespeare once said. While things change on a daily basis around the world and throughout the United States including our government, one thing alone does not change: God. And so as you read the rest of the post below, remember that there is Hope and Good News for all of the world’s citizens. Why? Because you can always choose to put your faith and trust in God. For more see the Relationship with God tab on this blog.

Thanks so much ~ Make it a great day!

God Bless You!



Due to the Instability of the Economy (From Facebook):

Some single ladies and I were talking about the economy yesterday while attending a special program at someone’s house. We agreed that things may get to the point where people will have to double up in their living situations.

~ so if you have an extra room or a big house, think about getting it ready for others that may need help. I think we are in for a rough ride this next year.

~ and if you aren’t affected by the economy, look around to see how you can be a blessing to someone else who through no fault of their own is struggling. Thank you!

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That Time Again: Home Heating Assistance Program

~ More helpful tips and resources just like in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Yes, it’s that time again. Even though we are dealing with warm weather and looking for great recipes to make on the grill, it’s time again for the Home Heating Assistance Program.

What’s the Home Heating Assistance Program (HEAP)?

What a crazy summer we are having here in Cleveland and all over the United States. And even thought it’s July,  I’m sharing something today that concerns keeping you warm in the winter months through the Home Heating Program (HEAP). This program is for all residents of Ohio who qualify.

Even though you are wearing your shorts and eating lots of ice cream, it is time NOW to do your paperwork in order to receive assistance with your home heating needs. The sooner you submit your application the better so funds don’t run out.

Applications are now available for download by contacting the Ohio Department of Development’s website at Make sure to see if you are eligible by looking at the income requirements. If you have questions you can also call them at  1-800-282-0880.

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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Book ~ Sale Prices

~More resources to help you in keeping with my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Four things to share today:

1. All books are $10 a copy when you buy them from Nanci (until there gone).

  • One copy of Fresh Hope … Cleveland = $10
  • Two copies of Fresh Hope … Cleveland = $20

2. NEWS FLASH: You can now get a copy for $10 + tax at Christ Church on Rt. 82 past Marks Road.  What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to buy!

3. My TV interview aired today on WDLI-TV (Trinity Broadcast Network) at 11:30 a.m. Did you see it? I talked about my book of course! If I can find out a way to post a link to the interveiw, I will so you can see it!

4. Have a great weekend! Stay safe and enjoy the lovely weather!

God Bless You!


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A Little Help With Your Taxes

~ More about your taxes ~ sharing more resources in keeping with my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Here in Ohio you have to work 119 days to pay off your taxes for the year. Tax Freedom day is April 29. It varies per state.


Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer wrote this:

NEW YORK ( — April 30 is the (usual) day that Americans can stop working to pay the taxman and start working for themselves, according to the Tax Foundation’s annual estimate dubbed “Tax freedom day.”

Have you given a thought to doing your taxes? April 15 is coming quickly!

See my blog posts of January 29  — 5 Simple Steps to File Your Taxes with help from financial guru Dave Ramsey. My February 1 post  — shares where to go to get your taxes done for FREE  but you must hurry. This post should be titled something like this: Taxes 101 ~ Not for Dummies but for Real Smart People Like You!

Make it a great day!

Happy Easter ~ He is Risen!

God Bless You!


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Thinking of Retiring? Read This.

~ More resources for you just like in my new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Book News:

1. Book Signing ~ March 23 ~ Friends & Family Christian Bookstore ~   Walton Hills, Ohio

2. Book Give-away ~ April 1 – April 7 ~ See: Win a FREE book tab.


If you are thinking of retiring soon, read this information from financial guru Dave Ramsey’s website. Here’s the link:

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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