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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 9

~ More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Slice 9 ~ Life can at times be overwhelming. And that’s exactly why this one-of-a-kind GUIDE (my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland) can help you.

Question: How can having a body of information at your fingertips like my book reduce your overwhelming feelings?

Answer: It can help you deal with many of your concerns without a lot of hunting and searching, which would take a lot of your valuable time. The information in the book can get you going in a positive direction with ideas and services that have been tried before. Besides all that, I have sifted out all the dead ends and interacted with friends, pastors, healthcare professionals, and members of the community to find this information. This book brings you answers. And having answers to your questions will restore your internal balance and bring a sense of hope.  All you need to do is open the book and begin to find information that will benefit your life. And in doing so, your fear and panic will start to fade and you’ll feel more like yourself again ~ the overwhelming feelings will be gone. Those feelings will be replaced with a sense of hope.

Look for Fresh Hope …. Cleveland very soon!

 Make it a great day!

 God Bless You!


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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 8 (Artfest)

~More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Slice 8 ~ Yes the book has a great cover, is for Cuyahoga County for the most part, and has been endorsed by professionals and others. However, inside this great book is also a collection of affordable entertainment. And because of that I’d like to share something you and you family may really enjoy — the Artfest at Boston Mills ski resort located in Pennisula, Ohio, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Boston Mills I: Preview Party: Friday, June 24  (regular show dates June 25 & June 26)

Boston Mills II: Preview Party: Thursday, June 30 (regular show dates: July 1, July 2, and July 3

Get more information at

Have a great weekend! See you at the Artfest!

God Bless You!


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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 7

~ More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Slice 7 ~ This slice tells you there must be something good inside in the text. Why? Because of all the great endorsements. Fresh Hope … Cleveland is not only endorsed by a psychologist and a pastor/clinical social worker, it’s endorsed by several people who used the book from a focus group I conducted. Here are a few of their comments.

▪ “I saved money because, as you suggested in the book, I didn’t take my kids to the grocery store with me!”

▪ “The information in this book would be a good class to teach at churches. We really liked the information about encouragement.”

▪ (from Part II: Soothing the Soul: Tips for Your Emotional Well-being) “I especially liked the thought about choosing to respond or react. I think it’s important not to let your emotions guide the way you live.”

▪ “I think that often when people are the most needy, disillusioned, in pain, and overwhelmed, this book would serve them exceedingly well. When I’m feeling like a loser, sick, overwhelmed, or broken, if “look-ups” aren’t easy, I don’t do them. This book would help anyone reach out and get support for what ails him or her.”

▪ “In my role as a pastor and clinical social worker, I am constantly reminded that people are searching desperately for hope and direction. Nanci has effectively addressed both of these issues in her timely and practical book. …within these pages are excellent reference points for people who want to pursue godly wisdom, save money, and access vital local resources. So many of us don’t know what is available right in our own community.”

 I’ll meet you back here on Friday.

 Make it a great week!

 God Bless You!


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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 6

~ More About Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Slice 6 ~ Curious about what’s in the book? I’ve give you a few hints and then you can let your imagination take it from there! Look below to see what makes the book so helpful ~ just a little peek into what you’ll find inside the book’s 135 pages. Each section will help you feel your best and discover something powerful for your life!

Part I:  Creative Living Ideas

Part II: Soothing the Soul: Tips for Emotional Well-Being

Part III: More Fresh Hope Resources ~

Part IV: Something More (Divine Help for Your Life)


E-book News:  We found a great web developer and my site will be looking completely different by the middle of July! The e-book version of the book should be ready for sale at that time too! Hurray!

Have a great week. ~ Happy Father’s Day too!

God Bless You!


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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 5

~ More About Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

 Today I’m sharing another very special ingredient regarding my book:

 ~ Slice # 5 –My Book’s a Practical one-of-a-kind Guide



~Fresh Hope … Cleveland is a practical Guide which will help you save money and feel your best. And with the economy the way it is now, this information is here  just when you need it most of all!

NOTE: I’m hoping to unveil the news that the e-book is ready for all of you right here in about a month.

 Have a great week!

 God Bless You!


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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 4 + book cover

~ More About Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Here’s another very special ingredient regarding my book:

Questions: Why Fresh Hope? Why this title?

Answers: In January 2009 when I started writing the text I had to have some kind of a title. I put the book my only available disk which was for my recipes. You know exactly where I’m going with this! Then, for lack of a better title, the book became Recipes for Living in Challenging Times.

However, I conducted a focus group study in August of 2009 to see if the book was really helpful. A focus group is a marketing tool. People used the book for about two weeks and then came back to answer questions about how helpful the book really was. It was one gentleman’s comment that really had the most impact on the direction and help this book offers. He said, “Nanci, with a female author and the word “recipes” in the title, I wouldn’t even pick it up!” I understood his point right away. Soon afterwards my friend and I brainstormed over lunch for a new title. I loved the word “fresh” because it really fit the text really well ~ it’s full of things that will give you a bright, new perspective. Then my friend pointed out how the book provided tons of “hope” for people in Cleveland and elsewhere – and it does. It’s been Fresh Hope … Cleveland ever since.

Take a peak at the book’s cover  above ~ look for the special touch the graphic designer provided for the concept of “HOPE.” Do you see it?

Have a great weekend !

God Bless You!


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▪ just like coconut cream pie ▪ ~ slice 3

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland.

Here’s are two more very special ingredients in my book:

You really have to see the book to appreciate everything that’s in it and how all those things can inspire and help you navigate your own journey. But since you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll just tell you that I love the “Last Thoughts” section and all the ENCOURAGEMENT the book gives.

Come back on Friday when I give you the story of the title ~ Was it always Fresh Hope … Cleveland? And I’ll try real hard to give you a sneak preview of the cover.

God is always there ready to help you in any kind of storm ~ Stay safe today with the crazy weather.

God Bless You!


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