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Thanksgiving in July?

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Thanksgiving is just about four months away. The first thing I think about when I hear the word “thanksgiving” is that great, wonderful meal we all prepare for hours and eat in just a few minutes.You know, the one we all gobble down in late November.

What difference do you think it made when the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to that first Thanksgiving dinner? What happened after they thanked God, who supplied the fish, the deer, and the corn—and even the Native Americans who helped them survive? Did life become significantly easier or the winters less cruel? Probably not. However, as they cultivated an attitude of gratitude that’s what kept the Pilgrims’ eyes fixed upon the many blessings they enjoyed and upon the one who provided them.*

Your July Thanksgiving Feast of Thank You!

TODAY, make a list of things that you can say thank you to God for and give him a  “thanksgiving feast” from your heart.

NEXT, make a list of things you’re worried about. And ask God to provide for these things as well — then thank him again.

Happy Thanksgiving in July!

May You See God’s Blessings ~ and pass the gravy please!

God Bless You!


* 21 Day Habit: Day 9: Thanksgiving ~ CBN

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That Time Again: Home Heating Assistance Program

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Yes, it’s that time again. Even though we are dealing with warm weather and looking for great recipes to make on the grill, it’s time again for the Home Heating Assistance Program.

What’s the Home Heating Assistance Program (HEAP)?

What a crazy summer we are having here in Cleveland and all over the United States. And even thought it’s July,  I’m sharing something today that concerns keeping you warm in the winter months through the Home Heating Program (HEAP). This program is for all residents of Ohio who qualify.

Even though you are wearing your shorts and eating lots of ice cream, it is time NOW to do your paperwork in order to receive assistance with your home heating needs. The sooner you submit your application the better so funds don’t run out.

Applications are now available for download by contacting the Ohio Department of Development’s website at Make sure to see if you are eligible by looking at the income requirements. If you have questions you can also call them at  1-800-282-0880.

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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Message of HOPE ~ HOPE is Always in Fashion

~ More good things about HOPE and my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

WELCOME! Recently I’ve only been blogging on Tuesdays. But here’s an extra message for you today.

It’s HOT here in Cleveland. Many people are HOPING for cooler temperatures — and I mean really we are HOPING this heat and humidity will end soon! Stay hydrated and cool wherever you are today!

Have a great weekend!

God Bless You!



Here’s today’s Message of HOPE:

HOPE is always in fashion and looks good with whatever you wear!

Do you ever notice folks that have a spark in their eye and a smile? I bet they’re full of HOPE! HOPE along with having some faith gives you a radiance, a confidence, and a knowing all will be fine even if the events around you don’t appear to be looking that way.

I’ve heard and believe it’s true, the most important thing you can do at any time to get results in your life is to be consistent. It’s what you do over and over again. And that means what you consistently say and do will bring you the victory. So, don’t give up — stay full of HOPE and just keep putting one foot in front of the other along with having your water bottle with you today!

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A Message of Hope

~ More on my Helpful and HOPEFUL book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

“A Message of HOPE ” is something I started this past week on Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m not sure I’ll continue but I did leave a message every day. Continuing depends on the response I get. Each post is something about HOPE. HOPE is the main theme surrounding my book so it’s really fitting for me to share all sorts of HOPEFUL things with you. Besides, who couldn’t use a little HOPE especially these days.

I found this interesting fact online at Merriam-Webster’s dictionary on July 13: The word “HOPE” is currently in the top 1% of lookups and is the 380th most popular word on Interesting that the word HOPE is on top of the charts — people want to know what it means and possibly how to cultivate a sense of HOPE in their own lives.

I HOPE you enjoy these posts for as long as they last (they are listed below). Look for the individual posts each day of the week! I think each post will inspire you to cultivate a sense of HOPE for your own life and learn to live gracefully with HOPE no matter the circumstances! HOPE never disappoints especially if your HOPE is in God!

God Bless You!



HOPEFUL posts this week starting with the first one on July 10, 2013:

~ HOPE sees the sunshine even through the rain. (Wednesday, July 10)

~HOPE is the happy anticipation that something GOOD is going to happen ~ and it will! (Thursday, July 11)

~HOPE never fails! (Friday, July 12)

~What have you put your HOPE in? (Saturday, July 13)

~ Things may be falling apart around you ~ but HOPE in God will always bring you through! (Sunday, July 14)

~ HOPE is the feeling at the end of the day that says I’ll try it again tomorrow. (Monday, July 15)

~HOPE: To expect with confidence: TRUST. (Merriam – Webster online dictionary) (Tuesday, July 16)

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Inspiration: Amanda, Gina, Michelle

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Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped by today. I have to admit after writing 273 blog posts, I didn’t know what God wanted me to share today until now.  I hope you are inspired by today’s post.

God Bless You!



It takes a lot of courage to live your life. Some of us need more courage than others.  Today hear messages from the three Cleveland women who survived ten years or more being held against there will. They found a way of escape in May. Their message of HOPE is the subject of my post today. Listen intently to their video as they share how they are moving forward in their brand new lives. Cleveland and the world thanks Amanda, Gina, and Michelle for their courage and for reminding us of the fact that whatever your circumstances are in life, you can trust God.

Click on the link below to hear their inspirational statements.

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Brown Rice + Veggies with Ginger Sauce ~ 4th of July Summer Salad

~ More good ideas just like in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.



There’s nothing better for you than salad greens and vegetables. Here’s a great recipe you can make for the 4th of July holiday. It’s colorful and filled with lots of photonutrients and protein too! Photonutrients mean there are chemicals within the food and they fight disease and illness. They help your immune system stay strong.

From my house to your house … Happy 4th of July!

God Bless America ~ and You too!



…with great pride the Brown Rice + Veggies with Ginger Sauce series presents …

Mango & Mixed Greens Salad

Mangos, Mango ~ Do the Tango! Most of the mangos sold in the United States are imported from Mexico, Haiti, the Caribbean and South America. Mangos are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, as well as a good source of potassium and contain beta carotene. Mangos are high in fiber, but low in calories (approx. 110 per average sized mango), fat (only 1 gram) and sodium.

The best way to ripen a mango is at room temperature, on the kitchen counter and
if you wish to speed up the process place in a paper bag overnight (some place an apple with the mango in the bag to create more natural ethylene gas and
further decrease the ripening time). Once ripened the mango can be refrigerated
for a few days, but should be used shortly thereafter.


1/4 cup vegetable oil

2 T. raspberry vinegar

1 T. honey


1 T. Land O Lakes honey butter (omit if you don’t toast the nuts)

1/3 cup coarsely chopped pecans (can be toasted)

6 cups fancy mixed salad greens

1 large mango, peeled, cut into 3/4-inch chunks

1 small red pepper, cut into 1/8-inch strips

1 stalk (3/4 cup) celery, sliced 1/4-inch (if you don’t have, no big deal)


1. In 1-cup glass measure and combine all dressing ingredients; mix well. Set aside.

2. In small skillet melt honey butter until sizzling; add pecans. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until nuts are golden brown (3 – 4 minutes).

3. Wash your salad greens; remove excess water. In large bowl toss together all remaining salad ingredients. Add dressing; toss to coat well. To serve, divide salad mixture evenly on 6 plates — or leave in your nice glass bowl; sprinkle with pecans.


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