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Be a Blessing ~ Wisdom for a Tough Economy

~ More resources to help you just like in my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

I posted the message below on Facebook yesterday. Many of you don’t have access to Facebook so I wanted you to be aware of this as well.

The next several years may be difficult ones due to cuts in government programs like food stamps, Obamacare rollout, fallout from Obamacare, continued unemployment, and our government’s debt and shutdown crisis issues which are pending as of January 15. It’s obvious that long-term solutions need to be found to keep this country from further decline. In some ways as you live your life this may seem like the best of times — yet for our country it may be the worst of times as Shakespeare once said. While things change on a daily basis around the world and throughout the United States including our government, one thing alone does not change: God. And so as you read the rest of the post below, remember that there is Hope and Good News for all of the world’s citizens. Why? Because you can always choose to put your faith and trust in God. For more see the Relationship with God tab on this blog.

Thanks so much ~ Make it a great day!

God Bless You!



Due to the Instability of the Economy (From Facebook):

Some single ladies and I were talking about the economy yesterday while attending a special program at someone’s house. We agreed that things may get to the point where people will have to double up in their living situations.

~ so if you have an extra room or a big house, think about getting it ready for others that may need help. I think we are in for a rough ride this next year.

~ and if you aren’t affected by the economy, look around to see how you can be a blessing to someone else who through no fault of their own is struggling. Thank you!

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Cleveland Area Housing Assistance + More!

~Today’s list of special resources are in keeping with all the great types of information in my new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Welcome! This information came across my desk and so I thought I’d share it with you. You may know someone that is going through a tough time and needs the help these agencies can provide.

First Call for Help ~ From United Way

If this housing list isn’t helpful but you need some help, there’s always United Ways First Call for Help (just call 2-1-1) for all sorts of help that’s available within the community. They can direct you to food banks, legal advice, counseling, renters rights, emergency help programs in the community, and more. Have your pen and paper ready.

If you need some assistance, check Modest Needs. They have three categories of grants that could help you especially if your income is limited.

Whatever your situation is today, I pray these resources help you! They are here to equip you with POWER for your life. Then again, God has all the power you’ll ever need to live a great life. Tap into His power today!

God Bless You!



Housing Assistance

Cleveland Housing Network                                         216.574.7100  Offers programming in Home Purchasing, Energy Conservation and Family Support Services

Cleveland Tenants Organization                 216-432-0617 Offers programming in Rental Information & Technology, Community Planning, Tenant Organizing, Homeless Services, and Eviction Education.

Community Housing Solutions         216-231-5815 Offers programs in Housing Counseling, Tool Loan, Home                    216-921-9100 Maintenance /Repair and Energy Conservation

Empowering & Strengthening Ohio’s People    216.361.0718 (ESOP) Assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure, victims of predatory lending and hardship situations.

Housing Advocates, Inc.                     216-432-9615 Offers legal services, mortgage help, land use, lead paint poisoning, + more.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland                           216-458-4663  Provides programs and services to promote home ownership, foreclosure prevention, and loans for home repair.  ~ Offers free services for listing and/or finding housing. Provides tools and resources for tenants

Detroit Community Development Org. Westside Housing Center          216-961-4242

Fairfax Renaissance Development Corp.                                                216-361-8400

Maximum Accessible Housing Organization                                            216-231-7221

Cleveland Metropolitan Housing                                                              216-361-3700

Parma Public Housing Agency   (Section 8 Housing)                              216-661-2015

Emerald Development and Economic Network (EDEN)  (homeless)     216-961-9690

Famicos Foundation                                                                                216-791-6476

Cogswell Hall                                                                                            216-961-1568

Help Foundation – Six Chimney’s   (Developmental Disabilities)            216-432-4810

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