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Great Tips: How Can You Help This Writer?

~ More on Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Writing a book takes a lot of disciple, a great idea, some cash, and a lot of prayers and support from other people. It’s not an easy task. Nothing is guaranteed. To me, that just meant I had to depend on God for everything.

In my case I wrote and researched for 30 months. After that I worked another 8 months with the publisher’s designer on the book’s layout. Writing is one of the few professions where you don’t get paid every two weeks for writing a book unless you have a big agent and get an advance on the number of books you’ll sell.

 Here are a few things you can do ~ tips for my readers ~ if you love THIS WRITER or maybe just even LIKE ME and want to help me bring these great resources to Ohioans and share the Good News as well. Thank you so much!

If You Love a Writer ~ by Eileen Flanagan

(from Eileen’s blog post of Friday, July 24, 2009 at 12:20pm)

After ten years of writing around my children’s schedules, I have a book coming out soon, and friends have been asking what they can do to support me. I’ve been touched by their offers and yet reticent to ask too much, especially of busy people in a tough economy. At the same time, the online writers groups I belong to are a buzz day and night with authors trying to figure out how to publicize their work before the entire publishing industry goes bankrupt. So, as a community service, I’ve decided to write up ten suggestions for all the people who love a book author who’s been fighting the publicity odds (Fellow writers, feel free to forward this link or add your own suggestions in the comment section.):

1. Buy your friend’s book. If you can afford it, buy it for everyone in your extended family.

BUT: If you can’t afford it, ask your local librarian to order a copy — or two! In fact, you can suggest it to your librarian whether you buy a copy yourself or not.

2. Don’t wait until Christmas or Hanukkah to pick up a copy. How it does in its first weeks determines whether a book will stay on the bookstore shelves or be sent back to the warehouse to be shredded (along with your friend’s ego). Try to buy it as soon as it’s published, or better yet pre-order a copy, which makes your friend look good and gets your friend’s publisher excited about the book’s prospects. An excited publisher will invest more in publicity, while a bookstore that is getting advanced orders is more likely to stock the book on its shelves.

3. Friends often ask where they should get the book, which is a tricky question. In the long-term, it is in every writer’s best interest to support independent booksellers (reader’s too, actually). If you don’t have a favorite one yourself, you can go to IndieBound to find one near you. When a book is newly released, however, it may help your writer friend more to buy it through a big chain, so they keep it stocked where the most people can find it. Likewise, a high sales rate on Amazon can get people’s attention, and if your friend’s website links directly to Amazon, she may be part of a program where she makes extra money when someone enters Amazon through the link on her website and then makes a purchase. I personally have links to several booksellers, on the theory that it’s good to spread the love around. (Family Christian Bookstore in Strongsville has it now).

4. If you genuinely like your friend’s book, write a review on Amazon or Goodreads, mention it on Facebook and Twitter, and recommend it to your book group.

5. If you’re friend’s book is sci fi, and you’re more of a Jhumpa Lahiri fan, say something like, “I’m so proud of you for following your passion,” and skip writing the review.

6. If your friend is a good public speaker, recommend her to your church, synagogue, mosque, ashram, kid’s school, Rotary club, etc. If you live far away, your friend might get to come visit you and write it off her taxes.

7. If you have a website or blog, link to your friend’s website. The more people who link to her, the better she looks to the search engines, which may help people who don’t already love her to find her book. To be really helpful, don’t link on the words “my friend,” but on whatever keywords your friend might be using to find her target audience. (For example, I would especially appreciate people using the phrase “Serenity Prayer” to link to my page About the Serenity Prayer.)

8. If your friend could legitimately be a reference on some Wikipedia page, add her as one, with a link to the most relevant page of her website. Authors can’t tout themselves on Wikipedia without getting a “conflict of interest” badge of shame, but there is nothing more fun for a writer than discovering a spike in her search engine traffic due to a link posted on Wikipedia. It’s kind of like having a secret Santa.

9. Don’t ask your friend if she has thought about trying to get on Oprah. Trust me– she’s thought of that. (Nanci: No, I never did and still don’t cause she is off the air.)

10. If you pray, go right ahead. It couldn’t hurt to pray she gets on Oprah or the New York Times Best Sellers List!

NOTE: If you genuinely like your friend’s book, write a review on Amazon.

Thank you for reading this post ~ and doing something for this writer!!

Make it a Great Day!

God Bless You!


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Every Good Reason to Love Nanci’s New Book

~ More on Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

Every Good Reason to Love Fresh Hope … Cleveland + More!

Through the earlier series just like coconut cream pie I brought you lots of information on my new book. Here’s a little recap of what’s been shared!

ideas and informationeverything right from the author’s own life story of 5+ years of difficulties  ▪ Great coverGodly tips from Emma, my little field mouseAppendices filled with lots of information Vignettes or little sentences that make the text more friendly Workspaces so you can record all kinds of your own information Great Quotes to inspire youGreat Resources to help youFruit Smoothie Like Help: Healthy tips on how to cope with the ups and downs of life ▪  Inspiration to fuel your searches Fresh Hope … Cleveland is available in eBook or printed soft cover copyLast Thoughts” section with EncouragementIt’s a one-of-a-kind GUIDEcool, cool back cover Reflect in the Something More sectionUniquely for Cuyahoga County and the Cleveland area but anyone can find help hereespecially for you workspaces in the text  where  you can reflect, spill out your heart, brainstorm and more!

~Don’t miss all the help and great resources this book can bring you and your family!

FYI: The Book Give-Away starts this Sunday on Easter – April 15. See my blog post this Friday and March 27 for more!

God Bless You!


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Hurray! Fresh Hope … Cleveland is Now Available

~ Wonderful news to share today! My book Fresh Hope … Cleveland is now available for purchase. You’ll get more news shortly on my website, book signings, and a book give-away coming up soon!

After 39 months of hard work and research, my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland is now available to provide you with the help that you and your family need. Below is a short overview of the book. You can find more at my website at (in the last stages of development).

Book Give-Away: See all the details on my March 27th blog post about how you or your friend can win a free copy of Fresh Hope … Cleveland. The Give-Away starts on Easter Sunday, April 8, and goes through Sunday, April 15.


Overview of Nanci Gravill’s Fresh Hope … Cleveland

All the resources found in Fresh Hope … Cleveland helped Nanci make it through five very difficult years. They can help anyone find the answers and hope that they need too. 

Fresh Hope … Cleveland gives ideas on how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollars along with creative living ideas that will inspire you. In a sense the book provides wisdom at a time when you may need it most. Waiting for answers and opportunities to arrive is part of life. But how will you wait? How will you cope? This practical guide and workbook gives you some inventive ways to manage those challenges along with healthcare services, job and mortgage information, emergency contacts, prayer hotline numbers, books, classes at local churches, and much more. Find out too, about the most important resource you could ever possess: a relationship with God.

Fresh Hope … Cleveland is published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Look for the eBook ($3.99 + shipping) and soft-cover, printed versions at $19.99 + shipping via the publisher and at Nanci’s book signings for $20 including shipping and Ohio sales tax.

Here’s a link to see more about my book:–Cleveland.aspx

God Bless You!

He is Risen!


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Fresh HOpe … Cleveland ~ is it really just for Cleveland?

~ More about Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

I’m writing today to dispel the rumors and myths that my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland is just for Clevelanders. It ain’t so!

Let’s look at the facts. I gave the book that name becauses there are a few things yes, that are strictly for Cleveland. However, even with those few things you can still get ideas and information on great RESOURCES that you have right in your own backyard even if you live in Alaska, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Maryland, or any other place in between.

Here are some more Fresh Hope …. Cleveland Facts to help you!

Items in the book specific to Cleveland and surrounding counties

 Part I

  1.  Beauty/Grooming Establishments
  2.  Dental Service options ~ 2 are just for this area
  3.  Employment/Career ~ 4 specific items for Cuyhoga County
  4.   List of Stores that take Ohio Direct Card (food stamps)
  5.  Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) ~  State of Ohio only
  6.  Medical services for uninsured ~ Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain,  Medina counties
  7.  Social Services agencies for Cuyahoga, Geauga, Medina, Portage  counties
  8. New foreclosure prevention program ~ State of Ohio only
  9. Consignment shopping ~ only for Cuyahoga County
  10. Affordable Entertainment  ~ these listings include options for other areas in Ohio as well ~ Amish Country and Akron, Ohio


  1. Appendix C ~ Job Search Groups
  2. Appendix D ~ Bakery Outlet Locations
  3. Appendix F ~ Church Addresses and Information ~ Cuyahoga and fringe Lorain and Portage Counties 
  4. Appendix G ~ Hospitals of Northeast Ohio

I’m just sayin’ … have a great week!

God Bless You!


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Stop the Countdown ~ Nanci’s Book’s LIVE on Publisher’s Site

~ In the helpful spirit of my new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland, here’s the latest on things regarding my book.


Technically the book went LIVE  (will be for sale) on the publisher’s website on Friday, February 24! I’m waiting now to talk with my book consultant about ordering books and marketing them. I get all my marketing materials which include: 40 books and 100 of each bookmarks, postcards, and business cards.

I got the first copy last Saturday. It looks really good. You should be able to order books off my new website or the publishers in about a week.  My website will be ready very shortly as well. I’ll let you know more about my website right here on my blog.

Link to Fresh Hope …. Cleveland: 

If you live in Ohio, get out and vote today!

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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Valentine’s Day Book News

~ More great information in keeping with the spirit of Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland.

I’ve answered some frequently asked questions here about the status of my book.  Here’s what I know as of today, Valentines’ Day. I hope this is helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions Complete with Answers

1.  What’s going on with the book now? The last modifications will be made to the book’s layout on Friday, February 17. This is the final process before moving on to the print phase.

2. When will the book be out? I don’t have an exact date because the next step is getting the book set-up to print (takes about thee weeks). Then they will print my copies and send them off to me! When my copies arrive, if the print quality is okay then the book will officially be listed on WestBow’s website and Fresh Hope …. Cleveland will then be for sale!

3. When will your website make it’s debut? As soon as the website is finished I’ll post that here in my blog, twitter, and Facebook. It still needs a few things but it’s looking really good. I hope you like it too! I’ll give you one hint; it’s colorful! My web developer did a great job. His first idea was really nice however, I didn’t think the photo of me was the right one. I didn’t look very friendly ~ it was a nice one but something wasn’t right. So then I got an an idea using all the things we had. I hope you like this new motif concept ~ it can always be changed. I have just a little more to write at this point for all the 12 tabs!

4. Who’s your publisher? My publisher is WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Yes, WestBow is a Christian publisher.  It’s print-on-demand. That will be mean when you order a book you’ll get it in about eight days — a little longer if it’s near Christmas.

5. Is the book strictly for Cleveland since the title is Fresh Hope … Cleveland? No. My book is not just for Clevelanders. There are about 12 things in the first section that strictly relate to Cleveland. However, you can find those resources  in your city too wherever you live.  All you’ll have to do is find your cities’ yellow pages or look on the Internet for an address, phone number, and/or directions.

6. Is the book just available in softcover copy? The printed version of the book is available for $19.99 (+ shipping) on my publisher’s website. I will sell books for $20 (includes Ohio sales tax + shipping) at my book signings. I’ll also autography them for you too!

The publisher’s site will also sell an eBook version of the book for $3.95.

7. How will you market the book?  That’s a good question. It will be on my website, the publisher’s site, and on Amazon and distributed at some local bookstores.  In some cases, you may have to ask the manager to order you a few copies. Eventually I believe Fresh Hope … Cleveland will be available at the public libraries.  

8. How can you help Fresh Hope … Cleveland? Later on I’ll be sharing what you can do to help with the book’s marketing. I’ll share more with you when the book’s out from an article entitled “If you love an Author.”

Make sure you follow my blog ( or come to my website at to find out about upcoming events. This will be an exciting year!

Have a very happy valentine’s day ~ and if you don’t have a valentine, just remember how much God loves you!

God Bless You!


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Twas the Night Before Christmas ~ Book News Edition

~ More on Nanci’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.


Twas the night before Christmas

And all at the WestBow Press Publishing House

Not a graphic designer or editor was stirring

Not even Emma, Fresh Hope … Cleveland’s sweet little field mouse

New book projects were stacked and Christmas stockings were strung

All about WestBow’s offices along with all the revisions from Nanci

In hopes that Fresh Hope …Cleveland

Soon would be done

Meanwhile, Nanci was nestled

All snug in her bed

While visions of Heavenly Angels Swirled in her head

But alas the fruitcake she ate kept her up too late

Then finally she settled down to a night of sweet dreams

About the fine people of Cleveland and their fate

Who soon would be helped by Fresh Hope … Cleveland, she’s so excited and  can’t wait

And in the cold and gently fallen snow

The brightest light appeared

It was a Christmas angel who came by

To give Nanci wisdom and help her to know

Her website was completed and ready to go

Hallelujah and Amen Nanci said

But just then she heard the angel say as she left her sight

Visit for many helpful and godly delights

And above all

Praise God in the Highest and on Earth Peace and Good Will Toward Men


Book  News ~

Currently the book is in the production department. The graphic designer and I are modifying the interior layout of the 168-page book. Please pray for the graphic designer as she has her hands full with all the changes that need to be made. This process will take about a month.

After these changes are made, I will review the new layout and when all is correct, I’ll sign off on the changes. After that it will be about three more weeks for the printer to set up the book. So, I believe Fresh Hope … Cleveland will be ready early February 2012.

God Bless You!

May you be visited by a wonderful Christmas Angel ~ Merry Christmas


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