End Times

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Today marks 290 blog posts since February 13, 2010. Come on in and find more resources for your life just like my book Fresh Hope …. Cleveland.

Make it a great day!



The marketing consultant for my book e-mailed me on Saturday and said the following:

This is starting to go way beyond politics. Some of the stories coming out of this administration’s handling of the shutdown are downright scary. Seems like they are coming out of a movie. How can this stuff happen in this country??

Please be aware of what is going on, pray for our country, and please vote accordingly in November and beyond.

I e-mailed back and said —  we’re in the End Times as predicted in the Bible.

Good Advice ~ to Help You!

1. Pray for our country.

2. Vote on Tuesday, November 5.

3. No, this is not a movie. It’s real life. For more on this subject and to be better informed, see the last book — the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

4. Open Your Heart ~ then, go to the tab on this blog marked “Relationship with God.” Read it.


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