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The Wonder Drug ~ Vitamin D

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Is Vitamin D the new wonder drug in medicine?

New research over the past few years about the importance of Vitamin D and it’s effects has made the medical profession rally more aggressively to screen patients for adequate levels of Vitamin D.

Right before Christmas my doctor put me on 100,000 units of Vitamin D for eight weeks. She wanted to get my Vitamin D level up to the therapuetic level (31 – 80). Now my blood level is at 70.8 and I feel wonderful! I noticed the difference after about three weeks of taking supplements. To maintain this theraputic level I just have to keep my blood level stable by taking 14,000 units of Vitamin D each week and then getting my blood level checked periodically. Opps! That reminds me I need to take my Vitamin D right now!

But in researching this sort of wonder drug if you will, I found lots to share with you about the importance of Vitamin D and how it can help you too. Because adequate Vitamin D levels are absolutely essential for a healthy life.

Just a few of the Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D benefits the life and health of a person in far more ways than is commonly known.

1. The “sunshine” vitamin, as it is sometimes called, is commonly known for its effect on strengthening the bones and joints in the human body by aiding the absorption of calcium in women and men. This can help prevent bone related disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

2. It also helps the body build up immunity. Our bodies can produce Vitamin D naturally if we have sufficient exposure to sunlight — but none of us really get enough sunlight. Therefore, doctors now recommend that you take Vitamin D supplements.

3. For women who are at a postmenopausal stage, are more prone to bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Vitamin D reduces the softening of bones by allowing their bodies to absorb more calcium.

4. Women who suffer from constant fatigue can benefit from Vitamin D supplements as it helps to increase energy.

5. In Men: While both sexes are affected by a lack of this essential vitamin, the effects are more pronounced in men. Vitamin D reduces cancers that older men are prone to including prostrate and colon cancer.

Link for article on Men’s All About Men: Facts About Your Frame:

6. Mental Health Benefits: The incidence of depression is high in areas affected by seasonal low light conditions (a condition often referred to as seasonal effective disorder [SAD]). Taking daily supplements of Vitamin D has been found to have a positive effect on a person suffering from SAD and other forms of depression.

Lower levels of Vitamin D are associated with a higher chance of developing conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

For more about Vitamin D and it’s benefits for both men and women, follow the link below.



Here’s to a healthy you!

God Bless You!



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