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Enjoy a Good Laugh: Toss That Fruitcake!

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Happy New Year! So glad you’ve come to check out the information on my blog. I post new entries every Tuesday and Friday.

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Laughter’s a Good Thing

Laughter is an important concept I talk about in my book. Laughter is good medicine for your soul. The text of my book says this, ” Did you know that laughter can reduce your stress? And even if you fake a laugh, your immune system will benefit. Having a good sense of humor is also very important to your well-being.”

Fruitcake: Love it or hate it?

Back to the message of this post — Fruitcake Toss. You either love fruitcake or you hate it. There is no middle of the road here. Personally, I love fruitcake. My mom made the best fruitcake. She soaked it in bourbon which gave it a delicious flavor. I do admit, I never liked the green candied fruit though. What about you? Do you buy fruitcake, eat it when someone gives you one, try to unload it at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, or do you just toss it out like the title of my post indicates: Toss That Fruitcake?

January Fruitcake Ritual

Tossing your uneaten fruitcake can be an early January ritual if you really hate the stuff. Participating in a fruitcake toss locally on some national level can certainly make you laugh and give you a sense of satisfaction too. It can be a healthy way for you to connect with others in the winter months, give you something to look forward to after Christmas, and give you oodles of  laughs all at the same time. Here’s more from the annual Great Fruitcake Toss in Manitou Springs, Colorado, on the first Saturday in January — this Saturday!

National Fruitcake Day

(from their website) … At last, the answer to that age-old question: How do I get rid of this terrible stuff –fruitcake? People in Manitou Springs have found the answer. Throw it as far as you can, by any means that you can, and hope it’s never found again. You can come watch this amazing event for free (however, contestants pay a small fee or donate a can of non-perishable food to enter the events).

I love this sentence about the event from their website: “Several local Inns offer Fruitcake Toss specials, including a heavy-duty cake to use in the event, and advance coaching on the art of fruitcake tossing.” Too funny! And just think, all this fuss is about a sweet little cake loaded with nuts and fruit! Mmmm good!

Follow this link if you want to get in on the action in Colorado or find out more:

I hope you enjoy a good laugh today but remember to look out for those flying fruitcakes this weekend!

God Bless You!


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