Did you know? Cancer secrets from the experts

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~ More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book Fresh Hope … Cleveland.

~ October is Breast Cancer Awareness month ~

You have cancer cells in your body everyday. Problems arise when one of those cells mutates. As a breast cancer survivor I know the importance of regular self-exams, eating healthy, exercise, and getting enough rest.

To help you limit your cancer risks, here are some cancer secrets from the experts.

1. Eat two slices of Gouda Cheese a day (other hard cheese too like Jarlsberg). Hard cheeses have helpful bacterial and Vitamin K2. If you are concerned about eating cheese, the Vitamin K2 in these cheeses actually protects your heart. (this is the tip from a cancer researcher).

2. Exercise and Maintain a Healthy Body Weight.

If you are unable to exercise 45 – 60 minutes three times a week, then consider moderate exercise for 30 minutes three times a week instead.

3. Limit pan-fried and grilled meats. This cancer secret was mentioned by an oncologist and breast cancer survivor. Ways to minimize the effects of grilled meat incude: pre-cooking the meat so it doesn’t need to be on the grill very long and slow cooking your meat.

Nitrates ~ limit these foods as well ….

Also limit cold cuts and things like bacon, smoked meats, bologna, salami, and  pastrami. These are processed meats — not real foods or good foods! These meats have NITRATES in them. Nitrates are a preservative which the body cannot digest and eliminate as waste. These meats are also have a high fat content. Therefore, if you eat these meats regularly you could be setting yourself up for problems.

I did a report on nitrates in meat in high school and know how dangerous they are. The best foods to eat are those in their nature state — fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts — and yogurt.

Visit Dr. Oz’s website for more information ~ www.doctoroz.com. The above secrets where viewed on Dr. Oz’s show ~ August 31, 2011.

Make it a great day!

God Bless You!


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