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Watch the Pink Glove Dance Video +Book News

~More about Nanci J. Gravill’s new book “Fresh Hope … Cleveland”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This post is dedicated to:

1. My dear mother, Gini Gravill ~ Today (October 5th) would have been her 87th birthday. She passed away in Seattle from leukemia on June 2, 2005.

2. All cancer survivors ~ men and women like me and you. (Yours truly will be a 7-year breast cancer survivor next month ~ Thank You God!).

3. Those in cancer treatment right now.

4. Those who have fought the good fight and are now in a better place.

Get up and DANCE and ENJOY this great video. It will lift your spirits whether you are in treatment now, a cancer survivor, or anyone else who supports a cancer patient or survivor.

This is indeed “Fresh Hope” for you today.

Here’s the story behind the video… from Portland, Oregon (link below)
Our daughter-in-law, Emily (MacInnes) Somers, created, directed, and choreographed this in Portland last year for her Medline glove division as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. This was all her idea to help promote their new pink gloves.

I don’t know how she got so many employees, doctors, and patients to participate, but it started to really catch on and they all had a lot of fun doing it.

When the video gets 1 million hits, Medline will be making a huge contribution to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms for the community. Please check it out. It’s an easy and great way to donate to a wonderful cause, and who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer (or some other type of cancer)?

~ Ann Somers

Book News: Work continues on the book. We now have a wonderful cover….. and have a little more to finish on the new sections of the book! Hurray! We are moving ahead with printing options, the Web site, legal work, and who will write the foreword. We are certainly learning patience and many things on this journey! Thank you for your prayers!

Do You Know Jesus?The best version of yourself evolves when your life is surrendered to Jesus – the Jesus that’s in the Bible and not anybody else’s version of Him! Things are rapidly changing in our country. You must decide who you will follow. If you proclaim the name of Jesus and follow Him your future is secure in Heaven and in eternity. If not, you will spend eternity in a very difficult place. Despite what you may think or believe right now, God is in control of this entire world. And Jesus is coming back very soon. It’s all predicted in the Bible. Our president is now laying some of the foundation for that to come to pass right now.

Pray This Prayer to Invite Christ into Your Heart:Jesus, I surrender my life to you. I know I have strayed from you and God. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me. I realize I am a sinner and therefore separated from a Holy God. I ask that you would forgive me of the things I have done and come into my heart. Live your life through me and transform my life and my heart with your great power and love. Amen. (Welcome! You are now in the family of God!)

If you prayed to ask Christ into your heart: Now, start reading the Bible and confess your sins and then ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that you are able to live the Christian life. And finally get into a church that preaches the Word of God will help you grow and strengthen your faith.

God Bless You!

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